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jhoijhoi's Forum Avatar by jhoijhoi » April 20, 2013 5:31pm | Report

Bias would be:

"At the same time, I noted an influx of tweets from Curse players that were a desperate attempt to show that they were taking the game seriously."

Jebus removed himself from the accusation and simply stated it how it was. The addition of "desperate" can be debated.

The second one I somewhat agree. He could have written,

"It can be argued that neither team was trying their hardest because neither team want to win. In eSports, this is an on-going problem."

If one removed all the modality (such as "easily") and affect (such as "desperate"), it'd be nuetral. However, who'd want to read that? My point was, Jebus didn't say, "It was clear that Curse was trying throw the game; I saw xxx player smirking/laughing when an allied tower fell." He wrote a great article with hardly any bias, which was great utilisation of reader positioning.

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Embracing's Forum Avatar by Embracing » April 20, 2013 6:46pm | Report

all i saw = azure cats


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Jebus McAzn's Forum Avatar by Jebus McAzn » April 20, 2013 8:44pm | Report

Sorry for what may seem like bias - I wrote this article at four in the morning and I started paraphrasing more and more from Reddit toward the end, which may explain some of the syntax issues. I've since reworded a few things.

corporal courage's Forum Avatar by corporal courage » April 22, 2013 2:48pm | Report

If teams have to lose games to gain a strategic advantage, why should they try to win that game?

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McAteer's Forum Avatar by McAteer » April 23, 2013 9:56pm | Report

PsiGuard wrote:


^also bias

You can take a stance if you like, but I really don't think this article was very impartial.

"Bias entails a value-directed departure from accuracy, objectivity, and balance—not just a distorted presentation of facts. For a story to be biased, the distorted information it contains must be causally connected to the writer's or editor's values." -Stephen Klaidman.

I, for one, see no bias in anything that was written in this article. It's simply documents the game from an outside perspective. It states the obvious of what happened and details the reasoning behind the controversy.

You quoted two small sections from the article and called them both bias, yet in neither quote does the writer of this article claim these are his own opinions, they are simply stating mere observations that you, I and everyone else could observe.

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mkDILLY's Forum Avatar by mkDILLY » April 25, 2013 11:55am | Report

This is so ridiculous. First off, you don't think Vulcan wanted to win? Would you rather play Dignitas or CLG right now in the first round? You don't think their hope is to win the first round and not even have to play in the promotional tournament? Don't forget that the reason these guys play professionally is to make money, and every round deeper in the tournament you go, the more money you make! If you don't think Vulcan wants to maximize their chances to go deeper in this tournament, you're crazy.

And even MORE crazy is the Curse thing. It would have been much better for them had Vulcan lost! Who wins between CLG and Vulcan now is irrelevant, because they have to go through TSM. TSM will most likely be in the finals, and Curse knows it. Instead, Vulcan losing would have created a better chance of not having to face Dignitas in the first round and facing an easier Vulcan in that round. Dignitas is going to be a hard matchup for Curse. They have a lot of history. They would much rather see Dig go out first round than CLG, who they will most likely never see in the tournament!

Sensei Lyfur's Forum Avatar by Sensei Lyfur » May 6, 2013 10:54am | Report

These were some pretty good games, I personally enjoyed watching them, but I must confess the EU LCS is far superior to the NA.

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