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Fnatic takes on Gambit in day 2 of EU Superweek eSports Central

eSports Author Pieson
Fnatic takes on Gambit in day 2 of EU Superweek

EU LCS Week 4 Day 2 VODS

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Alex Ich

One of the hottest matches of the day was between Fnatic and Gambit Gaming. Gambit’s Diamondprox picked jungle Nasus for the second time in the LCS. The game started off with Gambit’s Alex Ich’s Kassadin being pressured by Cyanide’s Vi. As soon as the two solo lanes hit level 6, a huge fight broke out in the middle lane, with Alex Ich diving the middle tower with the assistance of Wither and Stand United to pick up firstblood onto Kayle. Fnatic’s sOAZ showed up right after Kassadin left tower range, and with an excellent combination of The Equalizer, Flamespitter, and Ignite picked up a kill to make what seemed to be a 1 for 1 exchange. However, Fnatic caught out Darien’s Shen while he was recalling on top of a ward, and were able to pick up a second kill for free.

After a a few skirmishes leaving Fnatic with a small lead, Gambit set up for dragon when it spawned the second time. Fnatic, who had picked up the first dragon, engaged in 4v5, with Sona still running from base. Vi lead the team, trying to steal the dragon. Diamondprox was able to secure the dragon with his Smite, and Gambit turned onto Vi and killed her without taking much damage. Rumble can in with an ultimate onto 4 of Gambit’s members, to which Miss Fortune responded with Bullet Time onto the remaining members of Fnatic. All the members of Gambit were quite low, and Rumble and Kayle split off to finish off Kassadin. Meanwhile, the remaining members of Gambit fought with Sona and Corki, bringing Corki to 200 HP and killing sona, but Shen had to chase too farm to finish off Sona, and the remaining members of Fnatic were able to return to the team and finish off Shen and chase down Taric, making the fight overall a 2-3 in favor of Fnatic, with Gambit picking up the dragon

After a few minutes of stagnant wave clear, Fnatic made their way over to the Baron pit to clear it for wards. Diamondprox ran into a brush with 3 members of Fnatic waiting him, causing him to be bursted extremely low. However, with the help of Fury of the Sands and Stand United, he was able to survive the initial burst from Fnatic, which included Crescendo and The Equalizer. All members of both teams were very low, with the exception of Kassadin and Kayle. Shen chased down four members of Fnatic, and was able to land a taunt onto many of them, which was followed up by a single Force Pulse from Kassadin to pick up a triple kill onto Corki, Sona, and Vi, followed up with a Null Sphere onto Rumble for the Quadra Kill. Genja picked up the last kill onto Kayle and Gambit ends up trading Taric for all 5 members of Fnatic, as well as Baron Nashor and the middle outer tower.

With their baron buff, Gambit was looking to take the role as the aggressors. While getting complete vision of Fnatic’s jungle, Gambit caught Kayle split off for the rest of the team. The Equalizer and Intervention went down but was unable to stop Gambit from picking off Kayle and while taking little damage. Fnatic became too desperate to try to save Kayle, and were punished when Gambit took down Corki in mid lane a few seconds later. With the key members of Fnatic taken out, Gambit was able to take the inner and inhibitor towers in middle lane, and pick up the inhibitor before backing out to get the inner top tower.

Fnatic knew they were behind at this point and looked desperately to find any advantage they could. They tried to catch out Kassadin by engaging onto him across the base’s wall, but an excellent Stand United and Zhonya's Hourglass kept him at high health, even though Fnatic used almost every single ability available to them. Gambit took their advantage and chased Fnatic to the fountain, picking up two kills before focusing on taking down the nexus towers, finishing the game 20-13 at 39 minutes.

Results for the day

Fnatic < CW
EG < aAa
Fnatic < Gambit
Giants! < DB
Gambit > aAa

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Pieson (3) | March 13, 2013 11:43am

No Trinity Force/Iceborn Gauntlet on Nasus PAINS D:

I think he does this because he doesn't have enough gold to go for damage and utility, he just wants pure tank. Nasus already has a lot of utility from his W, so the slow from gauntlet would just be bonus
Disturbator (1) | March 4, 2013 7:08am
No Trinity Force/Iceborn Gauntlet on Nasus PAINS D:
FlorinMoldovan16 (13) | March 4, 2013 1:24am
Yay, Gambit is as strong as I had hoped and is maybe strong enough to beat the top-teir Asian teams. They have beaten both Azubus on the same day not too long ago so maybe we see an European team winning S3 finals. :)
A Chubby Baby (290) | March 4, 2013 12:16am
Gambit Gaming: Love to see the previous you's.
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