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League of Legends Build Guide Author Konkz


Konkz Last updated on April 29, 2011
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How have I found this out...

Well, one day, I've been playing League of Legends as Ashe, I've been loosing, my K/D was 1/24, yes, you read right kills: 1 deaths: 24!
So than my cousin came down (Hes playing for long time, and I do mean for a long of time, then he told me how to play as Ashe, gave me those items as above!

This guide worked for me - a lot of times! It also depends who you play against, thats why I put 90% of times. But if you fight good - as it wont tell you how to fight here! Heh! So if you play the 'right cards' then you will have K/D 32/0 - I did have that much once, indeed, so now look what to be using!