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[6.18] Peel 'Em Like Oranges

winston gergill Last updated on September 19, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Natural Talent
Bounty Hunter
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Ferocity: 0

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Cunning: 18

Tough Skin
Runic Armor
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Legendary Guardian

Resolve: 12

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Threat Champion Notes
Leona You can destroy her combo with your Q. When you see her Eclipse, get ready to fire your tornado into her dash and you should be fine. She does get tanky and dangerous with her ult later on, so be careful.

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what does she do

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Howling Gale

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I don't know why you say goodbye, I say hello


Why do hurricanes travel so fast? 'Cause if they travelled slowly, we'd have to call them slowicanes! heh.

Actually though, thanks for clicking on my Janna guide (my first)! She's one of the best supports in the meta right now, able to both set up kills for her team and easily get enemies off of an ally, all while whooshing around the map faster than a scalded dog. Plus, she's super fun to play. :D


Strong Disengage

Janna’s peel is by far the best in the game, allowing you to get an entire team off of an ally with ease. Team fight’s going sour? Monsoon the enemy away and let your team escape to safety. Leona’s about to engage? Stop her Zenith Blade dash and it’s like nothing ever happened.

High Mobility

Since Zephyr gives percentage movement speed, you only get faster and faster as the game progresses, letting you zip around the map at speeds of around 20 mph. Seriously, with boots and items ( Enchantment: Homeguard included), and assuming Teemo is 2 feet tall, that’s how fast you can go. Vroom vroom!

Simple Kit

Janna’s kit is pretty simple and easy to learn if you’re new to supporting or new to Janna. She doesn’t have a very high skill floor, so you don’t have to play endless customs with friends just to pick up the basics. Once mastered, though, she is an incredibly strong asset to your team.

Game-Changing Ult

Monsoon is an incredibly powerful ult, allowing for both amazing peel, strong initiation, and even team fight resets. You can knock someone back into a turret, cancel a fed Katarina’s Death Lotus, and then heal everyone up at the same time. As you level it up, its heal gets very strong, too, and can save teammates in a clutch moment. Brilliant!


Janna’s not a tanky support by nature, like Braum or Thresh. During late game, you can be killed very easily if you’re not careful and don’t have good positioning. It’s also more risky to tank skillshots and harass from enemies during the laning phase, leaving you vulnerable.

Passive Laner

While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as some ADCs need a passive lane ( Vayne, Kog'Maw), it does mean that you won’t be going for kills all the time, especially earlier on. Janna can be a great aggressive laner, too, but you need excellent communication and a fairly aggressive, hopefully competent ADC.

Ability Reliant

As a support with a kit centered around disengage, you’re utterly useless if you’re out of mana except as a not-very-long-lasting meat shield. You can’t spam any of your abilities due to their high costs, and you can’t use them at the wrong moment in case you need to peel later if things go wrong.

Game-Changing Ult

What, this is a con? Yes, because as strong of an ult as Monsoon is, game-changing doesn’t mean no-risk. You can completely mess up a team fight with this, sending high-value targets away from your team or even hurtling an Amumu right into the middle of your allies. Make sure it will benefit your team when you ult, and they'll love you for it.



Tailwind gives all allies within range an 8% movement speed buff, but only if they're moving towards Janna. You won't really notice this much during early laning, but it does become prominent in team fights or when peeling for an ally. With good positioning, it can actually save a teammate in certain situations.


Howling Gale

Howling Gale lets you charge a tornado for up to 3 seconds, after which it will fly in the direction cast, knocking up anyone in its path. The longer the charge, the longer the knock-up and the farther the tornado goes. Most of the time, however, you won't be charging it for the full amount, as it can interrupt certain dashes such as Vi's Vault Breaker or Leona's Zenith Blade. A quick double-tap of your Q key will quickly and efficiently stop an enemy in their tracks, allowing an ally to get to safety. It can be used offensively as well, disrupting an entire enemy team or acting as a beautiful proc for Yasuo's Last Breath.



Zephyr has a passive and an active component. The passive summons a little bird orbiting around your head, giving you a percentage movement speed buff and the ability to move through units. It's what makes Janna so ridiculously fast. You're like an eagle. Sailing through the air. Piloting a blimp.

Zephyr's active hurls the bird at a target, slowing them by a percent and dealing a bit of damage. It's more of a chasing ability than an escaping one, because you lose the passive benefits while Zephyr is on cooldown. It still works very well as a peeling ability, though, giving allies time to escape from whomever you've slowed.


Eye of the Storm

Eye Of The Storm is absolutely paramount in lane. It both shields an ally for a pretty significant amount and gives them a physical damage buff. This buff, at max rank, is equal to a B. F. Sword. If used correctly, it enables you and your ADC to win most trades, with them both having more health and dealing more damage than the opposing ADC/support. In team fights, Eye Of The Storm should be used on your lowest health ally, or, if you're winning, the ADC.

Eye Of The Storm is unique in its own right in that it is the only ability that can shield a turret (and buff its damage). If a shielded turret kills or assists in killing an enemy, Janna will get the credit.



Monsoon is Janna's trademark ability, and the best peeling ultimate in the game. It knocks back all enemies near her and then channels for a few seconds, healing anyone standing in its area of effect. Monsoon can be used offensively as well as defensively, making it a very versatile ability. You can save a fleeing ally and heal them at the same time, while you follow up with a Howling Gale and get the hell outta dodge. If you're feeling advantageous, you can Flash right into the middle of the enemy team and then Monsoon them apart. This is a risky move, as you might accidentally send a fed Annie with a Pyromania-primed Summon: Tibbers right into the middle of your team. It can also very often result in your death.

Monsoon can interrupt channeled abilities as well, like Katarina's Death Lotus, Malzahar's Nether Grasp, or Nunu's Absolute Zero. It will not interrupt abilities that have already channeled, such as Fiddlesticks's Crowstorm or Morgana's Soul Shackles, though it can push them out of harm's way (so long as they don't have Zhonya's Hourglass).



#1. Monsoon
6 / 11 / 16

#2. Eye Of The Storm
1 / 4 / 5 / 7 / 9

#3. Zephyr
3 / 8 / 10 / 12 / 13

#4. Howling Gale
2 / 14 / 15 / 17 / 18
Monsoon is your ultimate ability. Upgrading it will reduce its cooldown, allowing you to proc it more often (yay!), and increase the healing done in its AOE by a very significant amount. Totally worth maxing first, as with all ults.

Eye Of The Storm is an invaluable asset to your team because it can both boost your defensive side (with its shield) as well as your offensive side (with its damage buff). Maxing it second is ideal for increasing these effects, and makes your laning phase much more optimized for trades.

While Zephyr's passive provides a huge boost to your mobility, maxing it before Eye Of The Storm isn't the best idea as a support because while its slow is nice, your shield is much better for protecting and buffing your ADC. However, I like to take a point in it at level 3 to make laning a bit easier.

Howling Gale's knock-up is invaluable for disengaging, so I unlock it at level 2. However, the only thing gained from leveling this up (besides the cooldown) is damage. Since the knock-up remains the same at all levels, max Howling Gale last.



Caitlyn's Headshot and Piltover Peacemaker go very well with Janna's Eye Of The Storm, as they both scale with AD and, with the extra damage from Janna, can easily poke a lane down. When Headshot is primed (you'll hear a sound and see a visual indicator), make sure to use your shield if Caitlyn is about to proc it on an enemy champion. Communicating this strategy effectively can lead to lethal poke just from autos! As an added bonus, you can move enemies out of the path of Ace in the Hole with your Monsoon and add damage to said ult with Eye Of The Storm, securing an easy kill.

On her own, Vayne is absolutely horrendous early game. As a passive support with a very strong disengage, Janna can keep her safe and allow her to farm up to make it past the laning phase. All of Vayne's abilites scale with AD (sans Silver Bolts, which deals percent health true damage), so Eye Of The Storm can serve very well when helping secure kills.

Ashe's innate crits and CC, coupled with Janna's own CC and damage boost, make for a fine lane. A fully-charged Ranger's Focus paired with an Eye Of The Storm outputs a ton of damage, and Janna's strong disengage makes up for Ashe's lack of escape.

Janna and Sivir have very good synergy, allowing them to be aggressive and open for favorable trades in lane. Sivir is one of the best ADC pushers out there, and with the buff from Eye Of The Storm, any minions standing in the way are history. Eye Of The Storm also stacks onto Spell Shield, allowing for amazing trading potential. Additionally, Janna's Tailwind and Sivir's On The Hunt both give your entire team tons of movement speed, massively boosting your overall utility.

Tristana is a late-game champion with a decent early game. By level 18, she boasts the highest base attack range in the game from her passive, Draw a Bead. She's got a nice built-in escape with Rocket Jump, and good poke with Explosive Charge/ Rapid Fire. Janna, by buffing Tristana's damage with Eye Of The Storm and using Howling Gale/ Zephyr to maximize her bomb charges, can launch the little yordle gunner into late-game glory.

Kog'Maw, like Vayne or Jinx, is a late-game hypercarry. If he can survive (and do well!) in the laning phase, you're pretty well set up for the rest of the game. However, he's very squishy and vulnerable when using Bio-Arcane Barrage, as Kog'Maw must stand still in order to get the most DPS as possible from that bonus attack speed. You've gotta try as hard as you can to keep anyone from touching him, a task made a little simpler when you're an unstoppable windy peeling machine. :D

Jhin is a fairly immobile marksman, relying on allied damage and careful timing to get a root off of Deadly Flourish. Even your basic attacks will proc this, so make sure you guys have good communication so you can be ready to engage or escape a gank when needed. Eye Of The Storm will also buff his deadly fourth shot from Whisper, adding tons of damage to its already massive hit. Finally, Janna can peel off any attackers during Curtain Call, allowing for safe sniping (buffed by Eye Of The Storm, of course). You can also help keep them under CC so Jhin is able to land those crucial four shots.

While Kindred is a jungle champion, you still make a very good duo in a team fight. Mounting Dread, Howling Gale, and Zephyr all provide enough CC for Kindred to snag their targets, helping to stack Mark of the Kindred. Additionally, you can Monsoon enemies out of Lamb's Respite, making for a solid fight reset. Note that Janna's ult will not heal if your allies are already below 10% health, and it may be disadvantageous to knock enemies away who can easily re-engage on your team when they could have been whittled down while inside Lamb's Respite.


Kalista is already quite a slippery champion, so she's not as in need of Janna's peel as other champions (*cough* Ashe *cough*), though it's always helpful. Janna also has an easier time activating Sentinel's passive, due to her being ranged, and, with Eye Of The Storm, you should win every trade in lane. However, Fate's Call isn't really the best thing ever with Janna. She's squishy, so being thrown into the middle of an entire team really isn't good for her health. However, it does set up a great opportunity to Monsoon right in the middle of the enemy team, which can easily win a fight.

Lucian's passive, Lightslinger, goes very well with Eye Of The Storm's damage buff, as he deals up to 60% bonus AD against champions with it. Eye Of The Storm also significantly buffs The Culling and Piercing Light, the former due to its getting bonus damage per shot. Lucian does have a slow and a dash to escape, but Janna's CC can help ensure a cleaner one. However, he’s very bursty, and would go better with someone like Leona who can lock down a target.

Graves is a very bursty champion, one who has a terribly short range but amazing potential if he can get in there. Since he's so bursty, he does better with a support with more hard CC, like Leona or Thresh. However, you can totally help out by keeping him alive in the face of danger with your kit, while buffing his burst quite nicely with Eye Of The Storm.

Janna does very well with most late-game champions, one of whom is Jinx. Janna's Eye Of The Storm coupled with Switcheroo! and Zap! make for amazing poke, and Janna's peel synergizes very well with Flame Chompers! for nice, clean escapes, as well as keeping a target in range to enable the psycho teenager to unleash tons of damage. That being said, you simply can’t get as much out of her as if you ran a kill lane, with someone like Blitzcrank or Leona.

Miss Fortune's Strut and your Zephyr passive make for a very slippery and mobile lane. She doesn't really have much escape outside of her Make it Rain, which will probably only act as a slow for her because it scales with AP, but Janna's strong disengage can help make up for that. If you can shield Miss Fortune when she activates Strut's bonus attack speed, Eye Of The Storm's bonus AD will greatly increase the damage dealt, especially if you have Ardent Censer. Timing the shield with Love Tap works well too. Keep in mind that Monsoon and Bullet Time are terrible when activated together, possibly negating Miss Fortune's entire ult!

Decent poke lane here, as all of Corki's abilites (except for Valkyrie) can benefit from Eye Of The Storm's damage buff. Janna's CC can also help Corki land his Missile Barrage and Gatling Gun, further increasing his damage output. Still not a very eventful lane, as Corki could use someone with aggressive poke a bit better, like Sona or Nami.

Varus is a good poke-based champion, dealing long-range damage with Piercing Arrow and AOE damage that comes with reduced healing and a slow with Hail of Arrows. Janna can buff this poke with Eye Of The Storm, use her CC to help Varus proc his Blighted Quiver more often, and help him escape if needed, as Varus doesn't really have strong escape without blowing his ultimate. Not much else to say here, just try and keep him safe.

Draaaaaaaven has one of the highest DPS rates in the game, so long as he can catch his Spinning Axes. Fortunately, Janna's CC can keep him well out of harm's reach so he can do just that. However, because of this insane damage, he's really better well-off with a support who can keep a target still so Draven can unload all he has on them. Janna really isn't the best at that, but it doesn't mean this is a lost lane. You'll still do fine if you can keep him safe and CC when you can.


With masteries in season 6, you want to start with which Keystone you're going to pick, then work your down the tree. So, which one do we want to take? For Janna, the choice is clear: Windspeaker's Blessing .

Windspeaker's Blessing is an amazing asset to have on the Storm's Fury, not only buffing Eye Of The Storm's shield and Monsoon's heal, but also increase affected allies' armor and MR by a flat amount, increasing based on level (applies to the champion with a higher level). This is invaluable for early game trades, letting your ADC to survive longer trades while maintaining that AD boost from your shield. In teamfights, a Monsoon will now not only allow for a quick reset, but leave your allies fortified more than ever with more HP and resistances. How OP is that?!

Now that we know what Keystone we're aiming for, let's go over our choices in the rest of the Cunning tree.


Wanderer vs Savagery : The former of these gives out-of-combat movement speed, allowing you to get back to lane or a teamfight/objective more effectively.

The latter gives bonus damage against minions and monsters.

Uh, no. You're a support, not a jungler. Moving on!

Runic Affinity vs Secret Stash vs Assassin : As a utility-based support, you won't be taking jungle buffs often at all, sometimes maybe blue buff. You can benefit much more from the magic biscuits, which both refund some mana (RIP mana pots) and last much longer, giving you more sustain to outlast your opponents in lane and win longer trades. As for Assassin You aren't quite a whirlwind of death (looking at you, Katarina).

Merciless vs Meditation : You're not a damage-dealing executioner, so dealing increased damage to enemies at low health will do pretty much nothing for you when you could have increased mana regen instead.

Bandit vs Dangerous Game : Alright, while getting that burst of health and mana is nice after an assist, you really don't need that as much as someone with an enormous mana pool or ridiculous amounts of health. Getting free gold from just your ADC farming (stacks with the Ancient Coin/ Nomad's Medallion/ Talisman of Ascension line too!), along from just autoing champions and turrets, is an amazing long-term asset. Gold wins games, so why not have more of it?

Precision vs Intelligence : You don't need magic and armor penetration, since you won't be dealing a lot of damage at all. Breaking the CDR cap, however, is something you can really use, letting you shield and peel very frequently, and making your support items more efficient by being able to actually use all the CDR they give you.


Having used up all of your points in the Cunning Tree, it's time to spend the remaining 12 points. Because Janna deals arguably the least total damage out of any champion on her own, points in Ferocity won't take you very far. Points in Resolve, however, will be incredibly helpful, especially during laning, when you're at your squishiest and most vulnerable.

Recovery vs Unyielding : You'll be doing a lot of short trades in lane, so increased health regen from Recovery will benefit you a lot more than a percentage boost in your resistances (of which you won't have as much as a tank, like Leona).

Explorer vs Tough Skin : You won't be as up close and personal with monsters and champions as junglers and tanks are, so taking less damage from them is a bit of a moot point. Increased movement speed, however, is a valuable asset you can use to get to where you need to be faster. Explorer 's buff only counts in brush and river, but it's still very useful because that's where a lot of fights will take place, like if you're about to contest a Dragon.

Runic Armor vs Veteran's Scars : This is a tough one, because one mastery gives a buff to all heals and your own shield on yourself, while the other will give a flat health boost. I end up taking the latter, because the flat health means laning is safer, and you won't be shielding yourself as often as you will others. Yes, it'll mean you won't get a heal boost from Monsoon or any other source, but the health should make up for it early, and you should be in the back for most teamfights anyway (unless you're going for that Flashy Monsoon engage).

Insight vs Perseverance : While the increased health regen while at critical levels could certainly be useful in clutch situations, the reduced cooldown on summoners from Insight is just too good to pass up. You can Flash to escape or Monsoon more often, or save an ally with Exhaust at just the right time. It's honestly an amazing mastery, and an excellent way to use your last point.



Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

Greater Mark of Armor

Greater Seal of Health

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power: All of Janna's abilities scale with AP very nicely, and AP quints are perfect for a little boost with some increased stats.

Greater Mark of Armor: In lane, you'll be up against a physical damage dealer, so armor marks will allow you to last longer to keep your own ADC alive.

Greater Seal of Health: As a squishy, mostly passive support, you'll benefit greatly from some extra HP, allowing you to stay alive longer and be able to commit more safely to trades.

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist: After early game, you'll be facing a lot of magic damage dealers, so these glyphs will help counter that a bit and, again, let you keep your team alive.


greater mark of hybrid penetration: If you're planning to play a little aggressively in lane, hybrid pen marks will help add some damage to your autos and to your abilities (namely Howling Gale and Zephyr).

Greater Seal of Armor: If you take penetration marks, armor seals will give you some defense stats you need to stay alive longer, especially against the enemy ADC. They give slightly more armor than the marks counterpart, too, so that's a plus. :)

Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power: If you're planning to build some AP, scaling glyphs will give you the most bang for your buck (they surpass flat AP glyphs around level 9). Again, Janna's abilities scale very well with AP, so if you play right, these can be very effective.


Flash is always a must-take spell. Not only does it allow you to easily escape in a tough spot (including over certain walls!), but it can allow you to get in a better position to disengage for an ally, or even split apart their team with a well-timed Monsoon.

Exhaust helps solidify your role as a peeling support. It can disable a high-damage dealer, allowing your ally to escape or catch up to an enemy to finish them off. It can very easily decide the outcome of a fight, especially in a 2v2 bot lane trade. If you feel the need to use it (you see a Vayne about to Tumble in, or a Katarina about to ult when you have Q and R down), don't be afraid to! You'll thank yourself if they end up engaging.

Ignite should really only be taken if you plan on playing very aggressively, which isn't normally Janna's playstyle. Still, it deals quite a bit of damage (true damage to boot, so it ignores armor and MR) and can secure a kill very nicely.


Main Items

Sightstone is an essential item as a support, letting you store up to 3 Stealth Wards without taking up extra item slot space. Vision and map awareness are absolutely essential to your team winning the game, and this item, coupled with Janna's high movement speed, enable you to have massive presence when it comes to vision. Upgrading to Ruby Sightstone adds even more benefits, adding an extra ward (up to 4) and reducing the cooldowns of your actives by 10%.
Frost Queen's Claim is super good on any support, Janna totally included. Since 5.22, its active is basically what Twin Shadows used to have: spooky ghosts! Two of them scout the map for the nearest enemy champions, and if they find one, slow them by 40% for 2-5 seconds, depending on how far they travelled. It's invaluable for picking off enemies out of position, as well as finding out where missing champions are, acting as psuedo-vision even if the ghosts don't catch anyone. It can also act as disengage in a pinch, so if you're being chased and need a way out, don't be afraid to use this.
Eye of the Watchers is the alternate way to finish your gold generation item, the other being Frost Queen's Claim. You build it by combining your Sightstone and Frostfang, thus saving an item slot in exchange for the spooky ghosts active. When should you get this over Frost Queen's Claim, though? Ask yourself this: do I need the FQC active, or will a certain item be better? Is there a Rengar on the other team that could be caught by using the active? Great, get it. Is there a Fiddlesticks who could Terrify your carry and ruin their day? Fine, get Eye of the Watchers and buy Mikael's Crucible quicker. Keep in mind the extra slot will also allow you to have more room for Vision Wards and not just a random component part (so you're not sitting on a Cloth Armor waiting for 800 more gold).
Locket of the Iron Solari is a fantastic support item, giving you some tanky stats and CDR, as well as boosting the MR of everyone around you. Its active grants an AOE shield for two seconds, which is actually stronger than Eye Of The Storm's max base shield when you're level 18. It's a very good choice for team fights, as a well-timed shield can give your team the edge it needs to win/escape a fight. Be aware, too, if your jungler wants to build this item, because the auras don't stack.
Frozen Heart is a great item due to its tanky stats, CDR, mana, and amazing attack speed slowing aura. It's especially good if the enemy team is more AD and AA based, massively reducing their damage output. Again, unique auras do not stack, so two Frozen Hearts on the same team is less than ideal.
Zeke's Harbinger is an absolutely fantastic item to get on Janna, especially if you're ahead. Not only does it give a good chunk of AP and defensive stats, but its passive massively increases your damage output with your ADC. After it charges (by moving or attacking), you and the ally you bonded with will gain 20% AP (good for you) and 50% crit chance (amazing for your ADC). Seriously, this can easily make the difference in a team fight, letting your carry crit on every hit if they have items. It's like the offensive counterpart of Mikael's Crucible. You don't even have to bind with your ADC! It also gives plus 20% AP, so imagine binding to a Veigar who's just finished Rabadon's Deathcap. Keep in mind, though, that the more crit chance your ADC builds, the less efficient this item gets. If your Lucian is going for 70% crit chance, feel free to skip this item.
Mikael's Crucible solves all your mana problems, gives you CDR and MR, freaking boosts your shields and heals 15%, and allows you to remove CC on an ally (plus heal them a bit). You'll want to use the active on a squishier, high-damage carry, rather than a tank. For example, if your Volibear and Vayne get hit by Ashe's Enchanted Crystal Arrow, cleansing Voli won't help your team nearly as much than if you cleaned ol' Vayne. Voli's tanky enough, and having him out of a fight won't halter your total damage dealt as much as having Vayne stunned would.
Boots are essential on any champion, especially Janna. Keep in mind that there are different types of boots, and you should adapt them to fit the situation. If you're pretty ahead (no major threats) and aren't satisfied with your already blistering movement speed, Boots of Mobility should quench your undying thirst. Lots of CC? Mercury's Treads are the way to go, enabling you to get out of a Sejuani ult, for instance, 30% faster, letting you escape and peel off the enemy team. Ionian Boots of Lucidity are really helpful for reaching that CDR cap faster, as well as reducing your summoner spells by a further 10% (stacking with Insight ). Boots of Swiftness are nice for a bit of extra flat movement speed, plus slow reduction against something like Ashe or Frost Queen's Claim.
Oracle Alteration is an upgrade to Sweeping Lens, and should be upgraded right at level 9. Having map control is invaluable, and Oracle Alteration will give you the power to clear wards, Teemo shrooms, and be able to see stealth champions like Shaco, Twitch, and Evelynn, taking their edge and element of surprise away and leaving your enemies in the dark.

Other Items

Talisman of Ascension the final upgrade in the Ancient Coin line, and gives the same amount of Mana Regen and CDR as Frost Queen's Claim, along with some Health Regen and the Favor passive. You will not get any AP from it, though. Talisman's active is essentially a mini On The Hunt, giving allies in an AOE a 40% MS buff for a few seconds. It's great for getting to an objective or a teamfight quickly, picking off a weakened opponent by speeding up a carry, or disengaging, denying the enemy team a kill by utilizing your Tailwind passive and this active. Not a bad item, really.
Banner of Command is amazing when you're going to do a teamfight or secure an important objective like Baron, letting you buff a minion of your choice (hint: buff the cannon ones). This will naturally push a lane without you even having to be there, putting pressure on distant lanes while still getting up close and personal in the enemies' business. Note that both Locket of the Iron Solari and Banner of Command are both built out of Aegis of the Legion, whose aura won't stack, so pick the one which suits your needs best.
Banshee's Veil is great against AP-based teams, blocking the first spell that hits you. It's not really a team-based item, but it can keep you mobile enough to help out your team if they're in trouble.
Ardent Censer, aside from giving some AP, CDR, mana, and movement speed, makes your heals ( Monsoon) and shields ( Eye Of The Storm) grant allies bonus attack speed and magic damage on-hit (it makes the actual shields/heals stronger, too!). This passive is amazing, provided your allies can actually make use of the extra stats, like Jinx or Vayne. You can actually proc it quite often on a single target with your shield, or even your whole team in a good fight with Monsoon.
Mejai's Soulstealer is a great item to get if you're sure you can get a good amount of stacks (up to 25). Admittedly, this is somewhat easier to do on Janna than other supports, because you are so ridiculously good at disengaging, and therefore survive more often. However, it'll take 13 assists without dying to max it out, not the easiest thing ever (but not impossible). If you're really ahead and confident, though, the AP you get at full stacks is more than any other flat AP item, besides Archangel's Staff and Seraph's Embrace at 4000 mana.


Alright, I'll split this section into two main parts - laning and teamfighting.


The overall goal of laning with Janna is to make sure that your ADC makes it through the early game as safely as possible. You do this by engaging in short trades, stopping enemy advances, and working with your jungler to secure any kills or objectives when the opportunity arises. Let’s go over these.

Positioning and Trading

A crucial part of laning is how you and your ADC are physically positioned in the lane. If you’re too far apart, you won’t be able to assist each other if something comes up, such as a trading opportunity or worse, an unfriendly engage. If you’re too close together, you can’t exert as much pressure on the enemy duo, meaning they can press their advantage and zone you out.

Here’s a rather obvious example of poor positioning. Vayne, sitting at a little less than half health, is in no place to even try and go for a good trade. However, she is situated uncomfortably close to Jinx and Janna, who are positioned so that each has access to the other, yet also has their own zone of control. Imagine a circle around each of the champions in the shot, one whose diameter stretches to maybe slightly smaller than dragon pit. This is the zone a given champion can exert a reliable influence over, either with autoattacks or abilities. If you apply those to the picture here, you get this:

It might look a little messy, but bear with me here. See how Jinx and Janna are able to exert a force across the entire lane, while Vayne and Lux can control far less? Vayne is far too ahead of Lux; if Janna and Jinx decide to go in on her, there’s not much time for Lux to react before the already-low HP Vayne gets chopped to bits. Note also the open space right ahead of Jinx; Lux could easily land a Light Binding if she were in the right place, saving her ADC and potentially scoring a kill. She isn’t, though, so it’s an easy kill on Vayne.

Now that positioning's been covered, let's get into trading a little. What makes a good trade? What makes a bad trade? As a rule, it's a won trade if your ADC ends the trade with more health than the opposing ADC. So if, after a fight, your Caitlyn has a bunch more HP than the enemy Kog'Maw, but you are at a lower health level than their Sona, consider the trade in your favor. Keep in mind that if you die during the skirmish without your ADC getting a kill, it's most definitely lost.

So how do you trade with Janna? On her own, she does very little damage. You will need your ADC to either initiate any fights or be right there to follow up after you. Due to the longish nature of your cooldowns, you are at your strongest in shorter trades rather than extended auto-attacking fights to the death. Also be sure that you have Eye Of The Storm up when your ADC wants to go in. If you don't, ping them back. It's better you used it shielding away harass/poke than letting your ADC get damaged and leave you unable to trade.

So, what does your ideal trading combo look like? Generally, it'll be like this:

First, use Eye Of The Storm on your ADC as they're initiating for the extra AD and protection. Next, let your ADC go through their spell rotation and a couple of autos ( Lucian using Piercing Light and Relentless Pursuit with Lightslinger, for instance). Make sure you're auto-attacking as well, as that will proc extra damage and gold due to Spellthief's Edge. Lastly, use Howling Gale as your ADC gets in a last couple of attacks, and back off as they're disabled.

That might seem like a lot, but the entire process really only takes a few seconds. Really! It outputs a lot of damage, and there's not a lot the enemy can do about it, unless they use very hard CC, like Leona's Solar Flare. In case that happens, let's go over how to disengage from a simple advance during laning.

Early Disengage

To disengage effectively, you've gotta know your enemy. What's their playstyle? Passive ( Soraka, Taric)? Aggressive ( Thresh, Nautilus)? What kind of CC do they have? Is there a dash you need to block ( Alistar, Leona, Corki)? In short, what do you do if the enemy duo suddenly goes ham on you?

First, shield your ADC. If the opponent is engaging, they've got a reason, and will unload as much damage as they can on you two. Negating some of that initial burst can make or break the fight. At the same time, decide how you're going to use Howling Gale. If there's a dash you need to block, try and position yourself to use a quick tornado to interrupt it. If there's not, let it charge for as long as you can (make sure your ADC isn't taking too much damage while it's charging), then release for maximum knock-up time. Most of the time this alone will be enough to be safe, but if someone's still after your carry, use Zephyr to slow them down a bit. If you're being chased, though, it might be beneficial to save it to preserve your own movement speed.

An important thing to remember is your passive, Tailwind. Its buff to allies is kind of ridiculous, so stand just behind your ADC when running away so they can benefit from the extra movement speed.

I'll provide a simple scenario as an example. Say you're in lane with Ashe against Draven and Leona. Leona, being a smart player, knows you two will stay back most of the time instead of pushing ahead due to the high damage output of Draven. She'll wait until one of you is out of position, then pounce. Your main goal is to watch and see if Ashe gets too far forward, while also watching to see if Leona will make a move. If you see her advance, quickly move behind Ashe in preparation for Zenith Blade, Leona's dash, and try to intercept it with Howling Gale. After that, Zephyr her just to be sure, all the while standing behind Ashe to proc Tailwind and protecting her with Eye Of The Storm. Save Monsoon as a last resort, perhaps if Leona brings out Solar Flare or if you miss Howling Gale. Try to use it so that it knocks back Draven and Leona as far as possible, and channel it for as long as you need to, depending on Ashe's remaining health.

That about sums up an early disengage. Things to remember:
  • If you can keep your opponents physically away from you, you'll reduce their damage output by default, so try and stop those gap-closers to prevent a bad situation in the first place.
  • Remember to utilize Tailwind! Stand behind your carry when running away, and you'll be able to escape most pursuers.
  • Save Monsoon as a last resort, to be used when everything is on cooldown or when your carry is in severe danger of dying. Make sure you're not accidentally knocking enemies the wrong way (right into your ADC, for example) or blowing anyone out of a teammate's ability ( Crowstorm, Death Lotus, Soul Shackles, etc.) unless absolutely necessary to save a life.

Aight, last bit of early game strats has to do with ganks and objectives. Onward!

Ganks and Objectives

A great thing about Janna is that she has tons of CC and utility to make life easier for her jungler when ganking. All you have to do is basically use your abilities offensively rather than defensively. Shield your jungler or ADC to increase damage output, slow a target with Zephyr, and try to time Howling Gale so it'll intercept their path. Even if you can't get a kill from it, a good gank will put enough pressure on your lane to keep enemies guessing and you feeling safer.

So, when's the ideal time to take the drake? You've gotta co-ordinate with your jungler here, as you can't really solo it with your ADC very early. If your jungler is with you, here's some stuff to look out for if you wanna take on the dragon:
  • Where's the enemy jungler? Is he dead? If so, take dragon while he's on his timer. If he's far away, like in top lane, you can also rush it before he has time to come down and contest. However, if you can see him nearby, it's safer to wait for a better opportunity, unless he's significantly low on HP.
  • Where's the enemy bot lane? If they're low, or just recalled, it's an ideal time to drag if you're strong enough.
  • Where's the enemy mid laner? Can your own mid keep them occupied?
  • How are the lanes doing? Have you taken any turrets? If so, are minions pushing towards their inner turrets? If they are, it's a perfect time to secure dragon while they are forced to push their lanes back out.

Make sure that if you actually start fighting dragon, you pull it out by dealing some damage and letting it follow you to the edge of its pit. This way, it's both easier to disengage if you get in a fight with the enemy (as you're not literally cornered in a pit) and harder for anyone else to steal from behind the pit.

How about turrets? Turrets are very important objectives, as taking them allows you to put more pressure on the opposite side of the map, letting your team roam around more freely and safely. The one you'll be near, the bot outer turret, is generally the first to fall. If you're doing quite well in lane, you can push your minions to the turret, forcing the enemy duo to farm under tower and allowing you to take shots at it. Spellthief's Edge works on turrets, so you'll get the extra gold and proc its extra damage. Pressure on that turret also opens up a safer dragon, so getting it (and keeping your own tower safe!) is pretty crucial to securing and snowballing an early advantage.

Lastly, there's this thing. Baron Nashor grants one of the most powerful buffs in the entire game, comparable only to a fifth dragon stack. It's extremely good for sieging purposes, giving added benefits to you and minions around you. Take this when the enemy has been aced, or the lanes are so pushed to their base there's no chance of them contesting it. Don't waste the buff, either; push down lanes as much as you can, and even go for an inhibitor or two. Remember, your ultimate goal is to destroy the enemy nexus, and the only way to do that is by taking structures. Baron buff is perfect for this, so make sure to press your advantage!

Last section coming up, I promise. :3


Teamfights are what make or break games. As Janna, you'll want to position yourself near the back, not tanking damage at the front. In a fight, you should focus on a couple of things, with varying degrees of importance. You can figure out what you need to do by asking yourself some questions:
  • Is there someone in immediate danger that I can save?
If yes to this, don't waste any time. Use your shield, Howling Gale, and Locket of the Iron Solari/ Mikael's Crucible actives if you have them, and think of nothing but getting enemies the hell off your ally. Exhaust comes in handy here, too, especially when dealing with high-damage assassins like Katarina or Rengar.

If no, keep asking:
  • How can I maximize the damage output of my teammates?
The most obvious way to do this is to use Eye Of The Storm on your ADC or other DPS ally, which directly boosts their AD. Other ways to do this are still fairly straightforward and double as peel, such as using Mikael's Crucible to remove a stun off of a teammate or a charged Howling Gale to catch out a squishy enemy.

  • Is this fight not in our favor? How can I disengage and give my team some breathing room?
Here's where you shine. Your entire kit was literally made for situations like this, so try and make the most out of it. Here's a quick reference guide of sorts (similar to the section above):
  • Position behind your allies to maximize Tailwind's effect.
  • Never underestimate the power of a fully-charged Howling Gale. Charge it up as you're running, then release it as late as possible for a longer knock-up.
  • Use your actives (if you've still got them)! Frost Queen's Claim for a slow, Locket of the Iron Solari for a last-second shield, Mikael's Crucible for a cleanse, the whole nine yards.
  • Monsoon! Again, try and maximize the knockback distance between you and your enemies when you use it, and channel for as long as you need to. You can also use it just for the heal for a reset or to offset the damage of an ability, like Karthus's Requiem, or even cancel a channeled ability like Katarina's Death Lotus.

Here's a Janna peeling for her Renekton; notice her positioning and ability usage to easily ensure his safety.


Laning wards are super important because they can prevent those crucial early ganks, which keeps the enemy from snowballing and gaining an advantage. You'll start out with Warding Totem, which means there aren't as many places you can afford to put your wards until you get Sightstone. You should put these wards just outside of your lane to gain vision of the river, providing time for you and your lane partner to run to safety if you spot the enemy jungler or another laner. You can also put a ward down in lane, perhaps in the lower bushes to prevent a Rocket Grab, Death Sentence, or Dredge Line. Try to communicate with your ADC when doing this, so you don't leave the river completely dark.

Once you get Sightstone, your options open up a little. You can ward deeper into the river, and even a little into the enemy jungle to keep an eye on their whereabouts. Vision Wards also come into play here, and there's a few ways to use those. If you're feeling pretty confident, you can put your pinks right in the river, denying roaming from the enemy mid laner and providing safety for your own mid. For blue side, if your lane keeps getting pushed back to your tower, you can ward the tribush to protect yourself from getting dived. If you're on red side, that would be an aggressive ward, denying enemy vision and leaving them vulnerable.

When you're ahead, you need to press and keep your advantage. Part of that is gaining vision of the enemy team, especially in their own jungle and objectives. Placing wards just outside their base means that when you go to siege, they won't feel safe venturing out at all, trapping your opponents in their own base and allowing you to take their camps or even dragon/baron. On the same note, denying their vision with Vision Wards leaves them literally in the dark, cutting off their access to much of the map.

Now, when you're tied, you need to be aware of where the enemy is. Are they at dragon? Baron? About to flank you from the river? Knowledge of everyone's location is key to securing an advantage, and can thwart ambushes and objectives. Again, your enemy is trying to do the exact same thing, so getting rid of their wards with Oracle Alteration and Vision Wards is of the utmost importance. Be aware that you don't ward too deep alone, lest you get caught out unnecessarily.

Finally, when you're behind, you'll start needing to ward your jungle in order to stay safe. In this situation, not getting caught out is the most important thing to focus on. Try to lay low and ward as much as you can, communicating with your teammates (some of whom should have a Farsight Alteration) and farming what you can, safely. Use your sweeper and pink wards to deny very aggressive wards, especially ones in your base, to prevent backdoors with Teleport and flanks from your own jungle.

Buy a ward. Save a life.


Janna's Howling Gale will stop channeling abilities just like any other hard CC, but it is fairly unique in the fact that it can interrupt certain dashes, too. Here's a list of abilities you can stop with your little tornado:

Aatrox's Dark Flight
Akali's Shadow Dance
Alistar's Headbutt
Amumu's Bandage Toss
Azir's Shifting Sands
Caitlyn's 90 Caliber Net
Corki's Valkyrie
Diana's Lunar Rush
Ekko's Phase Dive
Fiora's Lunge
Fizz's Urchin Strike
Gnar's Hop
Gragas's Body Slam
Graves's Quickdraw
Illaoi's Harsh Lesson
Pantheon's Aegis of Zeonia

Poppy's Heroic Charge
Irelia's Bladesurge
Jax's Leap Strike
Jayce's To The Skies!
Kha'Zix's Leap
Kindred's Dance of Arrows
LeBlanc's Distortion
Lee Sin's Resonating Strike
Jarvan IV's Demacian Standard + Dragon Strike
Leona's Zenith Blade
Lucian's Relentless Pursuit
Nautilus's Dredge Line
Nidalee's Pounce
Rengar's Unseen Predator

Renekton's Slice and Dice
Riven's Broken Wings/ Valor
Sejuani's Arctic Assault
Shen's Shadow Dash
Shyvana's Dragon's Descent
Thresh's Death Sentence/ Dark Passage
Tristana's Rocket Jump
Tryndamere's Spinning Slash
Vayne's Tumble
Vi's Vault Breaker
Wukong's Nimbus Strike
Xin Zhao's Audacious Charge
Yasuo's Sweeping Blade
Zac's Elastic Slingshot


Now, not all blockable dashes are alike. Some are quicker than others, some have notable animations, and some have a recognizable channel time. This means certain dashes will be significantly harder to block than others, and may require ample anticipation to interrupt.

"But how do I know which dashes are more difficult to block than others?"

Have no fear! The Orange-O-Meter is here!


— Easily blocked. Has a slow travel time and recognizable animation, allowing plenty of time to react.

— Fairly easily interrupted, with a slow travel time or recognizable animation, but requires better timing in order to successfully block.

— A bit harder to block than average, requiring some anticipation of when the dash will occur.

— Hard. These dashes have a fast travel time, making anticipation an absolute must. If you cast Howling Gale right as the animation starts, there's a high chance you will miss the interruption.

— Very hard. You have little or no time to react once the dash animation begins, and must fully anticipate it to have a shot at a block.

For reference, here's the range of Howling Gale. The red line is where it will stop if casted immediately, which will be most of the time when dealing with interrupting dashes or channeled abilities. If allowed to charge for three seconds, however, its huge range can often catch an enemy off guard.


Lee Sin's Resonating Strike

Super easy block. Not only can you see exactly where Lee Sin is going to dash, but he has to hit his Sonic Wave first to even be able to do it, so you've got plenty of time to get into position to stop the vision-impaired monk.
Leona's Zenith Blade

This is one of the easiest dashes to interrupt, due to Leona's blade being slow and very visible, as well as having a fairly moderate travel time.
Tristana's Rocket Jump

As a jump with an instantly recognizable starting animation and a slow travel time, it's hardly challenging to knock the little yordle gunner right out of the air. With more air. Fascinating.


Amumu's Bandage Toss

While the dash itself here isn't hard to block at all, the thing to worry about with this is that whoever is tagged with Bandage Toss is stunned, meaning the only way to interrupt it is if someone else gets hit. Not the best situation ever, but hey, at least you have friends. :)
Jax's Leap Strike

Not really that hard to interrupt due to its fairly high leap animation and almost always being used with the easily-noticeable Counter Strike, but what you need to be careful of is the stun that comes afterwards, as Jax is pretty mobile and can still stun you after being interrupted.
Nidalee's Pounce

This is a fairly fast dash (not the fastest), but can be more easily blocked with a little anticipation. If you or an ally is marked with Prowl (making them Hunted), and she's in an advantageous position, she's likely to leap. Since that's targeted, it's easier to interrupt. If it's not towards a targeted player, Pounce can prove a bit more of a challenge.
Riven's Broken Wings

It can be a real life-saver if you block this one, because after the third leap, Riven can knock up your whole team. Try to time this until she's about to slam the ground on the third cast, so she'll both be unable to knock up anyone as well as be thrown a bit backwards in the process.
Shyvana's Dragon's Descent

A fairly moderate-speed dash, Shyvana's ult has a distinctive sound and animation, and should be pretty simple to block. However, you must do it quickly, or she'll fly through you faster than you can smash your Q. ;___________;
Vi's Vault Breaker

Vi's primary dash is quite fast, but has a noticeable channel which slows her down while moving, like Varus's Piercing Arrow. The only hard part with this is timing your Howling Gale with when Vi releases the charge. Even if you're a tad late, though, you'll still knock her out of it, so don't sweat this too much.


Fiora's Lunge

Lunge is a pretty short dash, so it's not really worth it a lot of the time to try and block, unless you're being chased. Try to predict when she'll use it, then send out the tornado and hope for the best. It's still not the fastest dash ever, though, so you do stand a good chance of making it.
Fizz's Urchin Strike

Similar to Fiora's Lunge, but with a slightly longer dash distance and a predictable direction. Still needs a little anticipation, but it's fairly manageable to block, for the most part.
Lucian's Relentless Pursuit

This one has a tiny bit longer dash distance than Lunge, but blocking it is generally the same idea. Its initial animation is non-existent, so you'll have to predict which way you think Lucian will go. This is fairly easy when being chased, however, which greatly increases your chances of nailing it. :D
Pantheon's Aegis of Zeonia

Pantheon is super dangerous up close, so if you can anticipate when he’ll jump, you can negate his initial engage. Its range is a tad long, so it can be risky to get up in his face just to block this. If it means you saved a life, though, it’s worth. :)
Renekton’s Slice and Dice

The initial animation of Slice and Dice is pretty much non-existent, but Renekton will generally use it when he can be sure to hit an enemy champion, making it a little easier to time. If you can block it, he won't be able to dash again, a bit like Diana's Lunar Rush.


Alistar's Headbutt

This insane cow can charge at you super fast, making this one very hard to block. You have to anticipate it, or risk being stunned by his Headbutt/ Pulverize combo. It can be done, it's just not the easiest thing to do because of Alistar's speed.

Diana's Lunar Rush

Diana's ult is super quick, but is normally used in a combo with Crescent Strike to refresh its cooldown. If you see Crescent Strike come out, and she's in a good position to engage, fire off that Howling Gale and you should be able to block it. Keep in mind that if you were hit by Crescent Strike, she'll be able to dash at you again.
Poppy's Heroic Charge

The interesting thing about Heroic Charge is that Poppy will literally carry her target a short distance after she closes the gap, making it harder to stop due to the dash going farther than might be expected. She's also likely to use it when in close proximity to a wall, so it's rare you'll be able to get in a good position to block this anyway. Better to wait until her target is stunned, then disengage. If you can her at the right angle, though, you're more than capable of interrupting this.
Xin Zhao's Audacious Charge

This is a fast one. Try to anticipate this before Xin Zhao actually dashes, and line up with him and the targeted ally. If you succeed in stopping him, keep in mind that whoever he tried to charge to is Challenged, and will have their armor reduced for a few seconds. Interestingly, Audacious Charge cannot be interrupted by any knockbacks except for Tristana's Buster Shot, meaning Monsoon cannot knock him out of it. Weird. Be careful out there.


Rengar's Unseen Predator

Rengar's primary dash is very difficult to interrupt, not only because it's super fast, but also because for one, it's used when coming out of brush, so most of the time you literally won't be able to see him jumping towards you until it's too late, which can force you to blow Flash or Monsoon. Remember to keep your wards up, always have a Vision Ward or Monsoon on hand if Rengar uses Thrill of the Hunt, and never travel alone.

There are, of course, abilities Janna cannot block with Howling Gale. Here's a list of those, just for you:


Thanks so much for reading my Janna guide! I hope you can benefit from this, 'cause that was the whole point of this thing anyway :P. Feel free to vote/leave a comment if I helped you out! (A +Rep would also be greatly appreciated :D)

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