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[6.19] Season 6 Reworked Top Lane Yorick: Trinity Force Trap

mcasterix123 Last updated on September 28, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Natural Talent
Bounty Hunter
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Ferocity: 12

Dangerous Game

Cunning: 0

Tough Skin
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Veteran's Scars
Legendary Guardian

Resolve: 18

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Why play Yorick?

The new Yorick is a tanky split pusher with a not so brilliant team-fight, but has 2 v 1 potential. He's classed as a fighter but behaves a little more like a juggernaut. With his ult, he can push lanes while taking other objectives. He benefits most from sticking to his lane, overrunning it with ghouls and drawing attention to his lane to take pressure off his teammates. This makes him stressful to play, but he opens the gate to let his team to group and co-ordinate. Long story short: push like a **********er, 1v3 everyone, hope no one ships him with the maiden of mist.

Why is his win rate at 46% then? Glad you (I) asked. You see, whenever an item get's a significant buff, people throw it at everything. Gnars rushed Black Cleaver when it got cheap, even when they were against a lane bully who needed to be kited. Alistar's are now rushing ardent censer even when their ADC is 0/5/1 (the other team's support lagged under tower and Ali wanted the kill). Now it's Trinity force. A good item, good enough for Rito to make an 'essential' item on him but one that I think doesn't give him his most important stat quick enough: health. More on this later. By which I mean, how long it takes you to scroll to the next chapter.

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The new Trinity force is awesome, The 20% CDR is amazing and it provides damage, tankiness and utility. While some champions were hurt by the loss of critical hits, I'd argue that it allows more consistent damage which I value higher than potentially higher damage.
One slight problem though. It takes too long to build and leaves Yorick open to losing the early game so hard he can't push without dying. If you're good with the new Yorick and can get Tri-force quickly, go nuts. However, I feel like it doesn't give enough health to make it worth it. With your Q being an Auto attack reset, attack speed feels a little lack luster. My rule of thumb is if you're going even or winning lane after sterak's, you can start building Tri-force. If you're having difficulty trading or pushing, go for ZZ'rot or another tank item.

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What about Black Cleaver? It had AD, CDR and Health?

It probably would be my second choice. The issue is his passive. His ghouls don't proc Black Cleaver's passive, and the rest of his kit deals mainly magic damage. While the raw stats are cost efficient, I feel like his first buy needs to be cheaper so he can get a foothold in lane.

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C'mon, even Titanic Hydra would be better.

Late game, yup, probably. Early game, no. Most of the time you want to be pushed against, controlling your graves and setting everything up to push. Tiamat alone can make it difficult. If you're winning lane handily, maybe get it second. Otherwise, focus on setting up later plays and controlling the lane.

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Ok, so why such an inefficient item?

First, the components are cheap and flexible should you need to change build. Second, 400 health is pretty good. Third, Yorick scales to have the third highest base AD in the game, so increasing your base damage is good. It's also pretty awesome since none of your abilities scale with bonus AD, since sterak's don't do **** for bonus AD scaling. Seriously, if I see you building it on Jarvan I will slap you.

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So let's say I take your suck-tastic Sterak's gage. How do I play in lane?

Like Susan mains. Not Nasus, Susan. You let your lane opponent push while you farm with Q, sometimes using your mist walkers to adjust where the minions fight. If They're pushing a little too hard for your liking here's what I recommend. get some mist walkers, push the lane out when some of your minions arrive so that their minions will meet between halfway down lane and your turret. Then, use your E to sic them on your lane opponent so they have to kill them or take damage for free.

Once you hit level 6 you can be a little more aggressive. You can push harder and harass them with your midgets. You don't want to engage per say, but you need them to fight you when you have ult and some graves so it turns a 1 v 1 to a potential 1 v 1 + a ghosty lady + 6 angry midgets. If they focus you, just kite and let your minions do the work. If they focus the Maiden, keep Qing since you do 140% of your AD plus 5% of their maximum health in magic damage. If they focus your minions, they're probably recovering from brain surgery so be nice.

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Aight, cool. What about mid game?

Mid game you should think about pushing for realsies with your ult. Your focus should be shoving people out of lane, or looking to TP if your teammates get a kill or two in lane but need someone to push. Obviously look to TP anyway for them sweet sweet TP ganks, but only do it if you can take a turret afterwards. Otherwise, by the time you traipse back to lane you'll have lost a lot of experience and CS for very little reward. If you take the top lane outer turret, don't be afraid to roam if you think you can't 1 v 2 or 3, even with your undead homies. Did I use that word right? 'Homies'? But I digest.

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And how's the late game on a scale of one to Vayne?

It's aight. If you've been staying in lane a lot you should be the first to hit level 16 with probably around 3000 health. Your maiden, in turn, should have 4000-ish health. Put two and two together you've got a split pushing monster that should be able to beat pretty much any sustained fighter. ADC's like Vayne can probably out DPS you, but the good news is that if they're fighting you, they're not in a team-fight. PLEASE NOTE! YOU ARE A SPLIT PUSHING CHAMP, BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN YOU SHOULD IGNORE IMPORTANT TEAMFIGHTS. DON'T JOIN IF YOU CAN TAKE AN INHIB TURRET OR TWO, BUT UNLESS YOU CAN GET SOMETHING REALLY REALLY IMPORTANT, DON'T IGNORE YOUR TEAM. SORRY FOR CAPS LOCK I CAN'T STOP PLEASE SEND HELP.

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Tri-force break down and more in-depth analysis

Please note I'm not an expert on gold efficiency or item builds, but I do often consider this kind of stuff in game. Seriously, if you play tanks at least dabble in optimisation.

OK, I know my 'feelings' and gut instincts aren't going to convince people not to rush this item so here's the skinny. You're losing over a quarter of the gold you sinking into this item. You see, one of the reasons Triforce is amazing on Jax and Irelia is less about the CDR but the attack speed. 15% to 40% is a pretty big buff. Shame that Yorick don't give two ***** about attack speed.

Your Q is an auto reset and the bonus damage attacking the maiden's target is limited to every two seconds. It's not worthless, but 40% attack speed is worth 1000 gold you could be spending considerably better. Then look at the health and AD gained. 250 and 25 respectively. Only 100 health more than a ruby crystal, and at levels 10-12 Sterak's gage will provide just as much, and more as the game continues.

Now here's the stat Yorick kind of needs but I think is best coming from runes: CDR. 20% is a lot right? Yup. Is it worth a lot? No. Just over 500 gold actually. The value tends to be more about getting it as a bonus to an item's main stat. In this case, Yorick no likey. Hence my weird rune page derived from the new Jungler rune page. You can build what you want, and if you happen to go over the CDR cap it isn't the end of the world.

Now I spent this section dissing Trinity Force so you might be wondering why I still tend to build it second. This is because of the Sheen proc. With Sterak's gage and Yorick's already great base AD, Trinity force's bonus damage really makes farming easier and gives a little bit of burst to his kit. Iceborn does this too, but I hate building too much armour early since it provides significantly less effective health in the early game. That and it's worthless to build against an AP laner. Therefore, Trinity force isn't great on Yorick to start with, but once you have some ground it does wonders.

Note for people who are sad like me and care about cost and ****: Cooldown reduction is a weird stat to a get a gold value for since the item used to calculate its gold efficiency has it as a unique passive (Kindlegem). When I apply gold efficiency to an actual game I think "Do I get more combining these items, or stacking the base item. Problem is, every item that gives stacking CDR has a unique passive, making it hard it impossible to calculate it as a raw stackable stat. However, if there were items with good enough raw stats to have over 100% efficiency (or a passive with a known efficiency) , we could conclude that as a raw stat it's worth even less... *Cough* Athene's *Cough cough* Frozen heart. Why am I typing coughs?

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Little tips that can help.

First, be smart with your W. You don't have to get someone in the middle of it to be effective. If you're running to tower, run close to the inner wall and place it where you're standing. Unless they're on top of you, they'll have to go around, use at least two dashes, or auto it twice buying you over a second at low levels. If you're in the jungle, you can use it to block passageways and even **** up people's auto pathing. People have been trash talking this ability, but its utility is ****ing amazing.

Second, only let your maiden loose to push a lane solo if you're doing something that's important, or gives the maiden time to take a tower while you distract them.

Third, soloing Rift Herald probably isn't a good idea. Just do it with your jungler with either the maiden helping or pushing a lane. You can do drag fairly easily with some midgets, but to do that you have to leave lane for a long time.

Fourth, your little people (see, totally pc) can apply life steal and (apparently, need to test this) corrupting potion's burn damage. Life steal is less useful but might be fun to try, but if you take corrupting potion you can heal up and apply the effect without having to trade.

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Last words (see what I did there :D)

Here's the tl;dr. Play safe in lane, build yourself up then surprise the **** out of people when they underestimate what your little bastards can do. Put so much pressure on top that you take their jungler and possibly mid laner out of the equation so your team can recover or take objectives. Make it so that you can't be ignored because if their 0/4/0 Riven leaves top, you're going to take a turret. Only when you destroy their inhibitor will they realise:

They should not have forgotten Yorick Mori.