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A new take on Lux by WarbringerX and the Arthouse lol

Last updated on October 13, 2012
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Team Work

Even though with this build you will dish out alot of damage especially lategame you have to play a very supportive role.
Stay behind your team, protect your carry with and wear the enemy down. How do I do that?

- Use your Q to damage enemies, but also to protect teammates
- Use your shield when the enemy team commits to a fight
- Use your e to hit and slow as many enemies as possible

Do not burst anyone down. Your cd is relatively high, so you want to make sure you have a spell when you or a teammate really need it.
Dont be aftaid to use your ult when the enemy team is pretty much in one spot. Dont save it for the single kill when someone is running. That 1000 magic dmg is better invested in taking a good chunk of health from everyone instead just one person.
Also the cd is around 30secs or even less lategame. So dont be afraid to use it to farm (best method is hitting the whole creepwave when its coming towards you) or poke.

Cast spell -> Autoattack -> Cast spell -> Autoattack .... srsly get the best out of her passive and the Lichbane

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The attackspeed Runes are

a) for last hitting. Really. You don't need the damage you need the speed.

and more importantly

b) Lux's passive makes her do extra magic dmg to enemies who got hit from one of her spells. With these 20% extra attack speed it's going to be alot easier to get that extra damage onto the enemy.