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Aatrox, smash!

andytork Last updated on November 15, 2016
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Natural Talent
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Ferocity: 18


Cunning: 0

Runic Armor
Veteran's Scars
Legendary Guardian

Resolve: 12

Threats to Aatrox with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Jax This guy... He can be a pretty hard match up, make sure you poke him down with your E and only fight him if you can get an easy kill or if your jungler can give you a hand with him
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Hey everyone. First things first; I'm not the best aatrox whatsoever, I play on silver elo, however, I am planning on maining aatrox this season since he is so fun to play with, and plan on improving this guide as I learn more and more about this bad boy.

The itemisation itself is pretty offensive, cause when I play aatrox, I wanna break sh*t!
Aatrox can have some really big counters and might not be the best in this meta, but the fun it brings to your games is really worth while imo.

Enough intro, let's get into it :P

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Itemisation - Key items explained

Hydra - Why hydra first? Blade of the Ruined King, hello?... Well, I used to build Blade of the ruined king until I tried Hydra... and I totally fell for it <3
Hydra brings some much more damage early on (at least the way I play it) and provides with a way better wave clear.

Blade of the Ruined King - BotRK can be really good on aatrox, I'm not saying it isn't, however, hydra synergises way better with my playstyle (which I'll get into later on...)
So, all in all, hydra seems to work way better in my case, hence why I always throw it into my build.

Boots - Merc or Tabi (I dont like berserker)? Well, 80% of the time you'll see me get Mercs because I hate dying without being able to fight back due to CC. Tabis are a great alternative tho, especially if the other team's ADC is getting fed and you will benefit from Tabi boots or if you are facing someone like a Trynda or Xin Zhao

Spirit Visage - Not much to say here, great item with aatrox, synergises well with pretty much anything you've built and your passive, as well as it gives some nice HP and MR.

Dead man's plate - This is also a great item, especially with this build, since you might have noticed that, especially early on, we will not have that much Atk Speed, but we will hit hard, so having a DMP will probably increase your burst a ton, allowing you to also perform better ganks thanks to the slow (roaaam boooy)

Guardian's angel - This is a real pain to deal with, along with the fact that you will probably kill half of them before dying even once.

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Early game:
The playstyle I carry with this build is quite poky and aggressive. The build itself is oriented to dealing some nice damage early on and making sure you can pick up some easy kills. Early game is there for you to abuse your opponent by poking him whenever you have a chance. Landing your E's is really easy, and if you start with tiamat (here's why I love it) you will deal quite some damage just with your E's alone.
Also, once you reach level 4, if you feel confident and if you have properly poked the enemy laner you should be able to go all in and win easily.
However, if you are not as confident or weren't able to poke your opponent, you can always wait until six, where you should go all-in and win in most matchups, since your ult represents a huge power spike.
Tip #1: At level one, use you damage dealing W (blood price) to fill up your blood well, then heal back up with blood thirst.
Tip #2: At level 2, abuse your E, spam it as much as you can (MAKE SURE YOU HIT) and make your enemies cry (or leave lane at least).

Mid game:
Mid game is where (especially if you are not doing very well in lane) you should go gank other lanes. This strategy usually works well, because you can help other laners (e.g. your mid laner) win and snowball so that they can do loads of damage even if you fell a bit behind. Also, ganking with aatrox is pretty thanks to his Q and E, make sure you slow them first, then Q, so they have to burn flash or die.

Late game:
This will highly depend on how you have done throughout the game. Aatrox will not deal tons of damage without a given reason, you NEED to have a reasonable amount of farm or be fed, so that you can get enough items to unleash the real beast.

In teamfights tho, even if you have built one or two defensive items, you DON'T want to initiate/engage first. Even if you have some HP, they will CC you and blow you up, so let your tanks engage first or wait until the enemy team has used their CCs, so that you can let your damage shine :P

Tip #3: One thing I tend to do in teamfights is: stay behind, let your team CC their ADC or APC and then jump straight in, ult and (if they're not dead already) FINISH THEM...

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And that was it!

I hope you liked it, or at least give the build a try :P

I look forward to updating the guide every now and then as I get better with this guy :D

Have a good one!