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AD Teemo for ****ing dummies

Last updated on January 31, 2015
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ni hao im a black gamer and i used to play for team tism, my ign on NA EUW and OCE is BlackAzz

back in season 1-2 i played for team tism as top laner carry as reginald was total ****

back in season 3 or some sht regi played teemo in worlds like a dumb fk and fed like sht so today imma teach yo ******s how to build AD teemo alright dawg **** the ap.

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Runes and Masteries

attack damage and attack speed ******.

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yo dawg ezy pzy :

runnan's hurrican - this sht helps yo dawg get money fast

yuumos/ yo moos ghost blade nigga idk this sht helps u chase n run like a real ******
boots of speed into w/e boots give yo *** fast as movement speed dawg

sta**** shiv or sum sht tis item gon give yo *** movement speed and crit and some eletric bs op sht dwag

n some damage dawg.


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