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AD Veigar

Last updated on February 22, 2012
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Why not.

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giving option for early game advantage with seals, or late game potential. any of those runes in combination to synergize would work. like the mana per level runes.
xp quints to go with the mastery
spell vamp to have 9% spell vamp all game
Destruction quints- for the lich bane sheen proc
movement, to get those good stunnes and go with lich banes passive

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most cooldown, magic pen is 10% plus your runes so that is good enough, spell vamp, mana regen, mana per level, movement, xp gain, and more more ignite.

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if you can manage to get the sheen as early as possible, it allows you to harass without wasting precious q farm, or last hit minions while q is on cooldown. adds the the nuke pretty early on too. q, auto attack. full level 6 combo, stun, ignite, w,r,auto, q

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Team Work

hope you have a friendly jungler, and will give you blue as often as possible early game for that precious early game q farm.

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Skill Sequence

not sure if i put it in correct order or not, but simply, max q first, max stun, max ult,max dark matter last. sure it helps with your combo, which is why you put a level into it at level 4, but to boost your kills and ap levels, focus on q, and stun always helps with duration for escape, kills, or kite.