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Akali Build Guide by elfmaster1998

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League of Legends Build Guide Author elfmaster1998

Akali 60% spellvamp + 700 ap

elfmaster1998 Last updated on April 8, 2013
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Akali Build


Hello everybody i just found out a build for akali that has 700 ap 60+ spellvamp and still mobi boots or others depends on the enemy team skills idk how to do this build thingy so im just going to type out the items you need

1.Hourglass ( defense and da golden pose! )
2.Hextech Gunblade ( also standard 20% spellvamp + the spellvamp u get form it with the AD on it )
3.Deathcap ( pretty standard )
4.mejai's (160 ap just amazing big basic attack upgrade also)
5.any boots with any enchant
6.sword of the occult (for the 110 ad means its a +31% spellvamp orso)

Those where the items i used it was a really easy mid so i could do lots of damage and get feeded so if u got lots of money try this out and but elixers 2 ;D keep playing summoner

Greattings from Elfmaster1998 Server: EUW