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Akali Jungle Season 7 (Updated)

Malkavian999 Last updated on February 7, 2017
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Ability Sequence

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Natural Talent
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Ferocity: 12


Cunning: 18

Runic Armor
Veteran's Scars
Legendary Guardian

Resolve: 0

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Akali Rework

Akali reworked and imo her damage lowered alot. Yes she can walljump now but E cant be spammed now so we can say goodbye to Tank Akali. Only option to play Akali is to build her glass cannon / Ap-tanky. So this guide is to cover Akali's nerfed damage done and allows her to play like old Akali. If you dont know what exactly changed on Akali skills please watch the video first.

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Jungle Guide / Introduction

Hey Guys I am Malkavian and this is my Jungle Akali guide for season 6. You may find my build odd but it works. Before we begin please check out my Akali Jungle Full Gameplay Video then we can talk about gameplay and stuff. Enjoy...

PS: I intentionally uploaded a lost game so you can see worst case scenario. Even in a situation like that Akali Jungle is pretty op when it played right (I gotta mention that I also used my skill combo wrong in last teamfight.)

Terms you might see while reading my guide:

AS: Attack Speed
AD: Attack Damage
AP: Ability Power
MS: Movement Speed
MR: Magic Resist
AR: Armor (Easy one)
aa: Auto Attack
SS: Skillshot
TF: Teamfight
TP: Teleport
CJ: Counter Jungle

This guide is for jungling. First of all you have 2 choice to begin with. Blue side or Red Side. Each side has several benefits so I will try to explain as much as I can.

1- Blue Side Start: Route should be Blue Buff->Gromp->Wolves->Gank mid/top -> If you have enough HP go get red (if your enemy has a jungler who can steal your red)

Benefits: This route is the best route for no aoe or sustain champions. It keeps your hp in a good level so you can go to your red side jungle too.

Down Sides: Only down side is if enemy has a counter jungler they can steal your red buff. Also Red side gives more experience but nowadays it is hard to start from red side.

2- Red Side Start: I personally don't try to start from red side no matter what.
Route: Red Buff->Krugs->Birds->Crab->Gank mid or bot, If you have enough Hp go ahead and clear Blue side too since it is way easier than red side.

Benefits: With this route you get by far the best experience. You can even be lvl 3 in 3-4 mins. Great route for 3 lvl gankers like Shaco,Xin Zhao, Lee Sin etc.

Down Sides: This route have many mob spawns and if you dont have any aoe skills it is really hard to do it. It is time consuming but great on gaining exp.

How to be a Better Jungler:

As a jungler your most important job is being awere of map! Means you gotta keep track of enemy cooldowns (flash/ulti/TP) You gotta know when Dragon/Baron Spawns ( Easy with new patch you always see the cooldown but you gotta remind your teammates when Dragon or Baron will spawn cause they are busy with dealing farming/enemy harrass/ jungler ganks)

Always ping as soon as you decided to gank a lane. If you pinged a lane to gank dont try to abandon it unless you see a good opportunitiy.

Always buy pink ward and place it between top and mid. (yes that is your job!) So your top and mid laner might save themselves from 1-2 enemy jungler ganks which is good for you. Enemy jungler will lose time and buy sweeper (if you want to Counter Jungle) Always try to smite Birds for the vision buff and clear the wards around the map

Always choose a jungle path which gives you gank opportunities faster. For example: If you feel like enemy top laner will push ( Riven, Irelia, Vlad always pushes lanes :) ) then start with wolves go for gromp then take blue and you can good to gank top lane when it is pushed. But if you start gromp then go blue then you try to kill wolves you lose time to walk back to top lane.

Be efficient with you time. Do not waste time walking mid lane if your mid lane is pushed. Go farm mobs when all lanes are pushed. Also ganking top lane is always tricky after lvl 6 , DO not camp top unless you see neemy jungler close to their top lane, cause if you camp top enemy jungler can easily take drag.

Try to help lanes that has disadvantage in lane (Irelia vs Ryze/Vlad) ranged vs melee match ups are tough. So help your poor Irelia :) Dont forget that your team as strong as your weakest lane.

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Fun Video

Yes these are fun videos but they are great on understanding the rework (NERF) on Akali. First video is the old Akali and you can see how easy to solo Baron with her with his old passive and with her unnerfed damage. In second video you can see full build Akali with almost same items struggling alot to solo Baron.

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Runes are essential for fast jungle clear and also you need to maintain your hp for ganks after lvl 6. So don't worry if you lose too much health in first 3-4 levels. It ll be a lot easier once you get your runeblade. :)

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Masteries also contains lifesteal/spellwamp instead of ad/ap. Many people would pick the ad/ap masteries but i personally think it is a lot better when you use spellwap/lifesteal even with akali which is a hybrid champ.

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Most people using Guinsoo nowadays but Akali is basicly an assasin who should kill her targets in 3-4 hits max. So I am using build that can maintain that. Check out the items and if you have any better ideas please share with me. In video I know that Liandry is not the best last item but meh I was ahead so I tried new things :)

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Skill Sequence

Most powerful skill combo is the following. You are gonna be able to use it in early/mid game.

q > r > aa > e > aa

But in late game you need to deal your dmg in 1-2 seconds so full combo is not usable on that kinda situations. So you will be using this combo instead:

r > q > aa > w (Wait 1-2 seconds) > q > aa > e > r

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After you use your q on enemy make sure you aa to that enemy no matter what. Dont worry you will be outdamaging him if you have w cd aswell. I personally use my q on my enemy while laning and aa creeps if enemy gets close just use w to slow him and try to aa before your q proc fades.

Akali Akali's Most powerful combo is:

q (wait 2 secs) + r + aa + q + aa + e + w + q + r + aa ....

Most important part is to wait after first q which allows you to reset your cd again so when you jump to your enemy and aa you can use a second q and proc it again.

In late game you are gonna use:

r + q + aa + e + w + q + r + aa... etc

Since your r has more range than q and you cant get close without getting focused you need to flank your enemies most of the time and you need to engage with your r

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Akali jungle struggles in jungle pre level 4-5. But extremely fast on clearing jungle after your runeblade and also with spellwamp items you use jungle to restore your hp with one combo after tough ganks.

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Ranked Play

I uploaded a video to show you guys how ranked games works in the introduction section so I recommend you to watch it.

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Pros / Cons


- Fast jungle clear (after runeblade)
- After lvl 6 strong ganks until late game.
- When you are very low on health you can kill jungle mobs and fill your hp pretty quickly
- Extraordianry high dps after runeblade completed so dont hesitate to gank alot

- Struggles in jungle before level 4-5
- weak vs lee sin, shaco, eve jugnlers.
- Weak when your enemy buys pink wards alot

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Team Work

In teamwork your role is to seek out the split pushers in the game and kill em. In mid game when the teamfights start your role is the go for the adc or apc and kill them if you can.