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amazing janna

Last updated on August 17, 2013
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Janna is not a support, janna is a ghoster

+1 philosopher stone
+2 sheen
+3 sheen again
+4 Boots of mobility
+5 trinity #1
#6 miracle
#7 zyphir
#8 trinity #2
#9 gunblade
#10 zyphir #2

The idea is to move so fast that no opponent can catch you or escape. runes are as followed

1: blue cdr/level
2: yellow armor/level
3: magic pen/level
4: purple movement speed +1.5%

dont ask why but it works

usually i max philosopher then get 4 ap cheap ones.... eg sheen 1 and 2 and hextech, at level 9 clearing waves is 1 shot... by the time you get 2 trities you can easily get 6/6 of the minion waves. then comes massive amounts of run speed mobility cdr zephyr... etc.


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