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Zed Build Guide by GinWinsky

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League of Legends Build Guide Author GinWinsky

Among the shadows of the Jungle. The new META.

GinWinsky Last updated on April 18, 2017
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How am i clearing with zed jungle? Tips

First of all, some things that are already really obvious:

.The reason why i max E first is that it's a great auto attack animation cancel, meaning that you can auto attack and instantly E to have both damages. Also, that's the exact reason too why i build tiamat early. Tiamat has impressive clear potential when dealing with raptors and krugs and can be just really useful to apply your burst. In the jungle, i'd auto attack + E + auto attack + tiamat + Q and on and on.

.Ask for your team to sit in the bushes on your buffs so they don't get stolen. A lot of junglers will try to steal from you since zed is a offmeta pick and they'll suppose you'll react poorly to counterjungling.

.When ganking early, just throw your shadow and press E to slow the target, then use W to teleport to the enemy and proc thunderlord's. However, you'll be much more successful if you get an early stalker's blade and smite the enemy laner.

.My early jungle route:
-Red Buff (Smiteless)
-Wolves (Smiteless)
-Blue Buff (w/ Smite)
-Gromp (only smite if needed)
-Scuttlecrab (if not taken)
-Chickens (w/ Smite)
-Recall OR do krugs.
P.S.: Of course i'll gank any lane that i see it's viable to gank in the moment.

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Why zed in the jungle is a good choice?

There are a few reasons why i decided to make this guide. Those are:

1. Zed has lots of ways of engaging a fight. This means ganking and bursting the laners and destroying their lives. He does that awsomely with W+W.
2. With the right kit (Build), he can wreck ANYONE, and by that, i mean that he could help the whole team as a jungler.
3. It's almost impossible to catch a good zed while he's stealing your buffs, so counterjungling is a good option 'cause he can easily manage to escape.
4. He doesn't die in the jungle while farming early and that's awesome because this means he can farm more, he can get more gold to spend and he'll be stronger early.

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Special Thanks

I'd like to thank myself for being gut lulz xoxo :3