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Anivia~~~Icy Victories

Last updated on February 16, 2012
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This is my first guide, so be warned!!

This guide will be a guide towards playing Anivia with skill despite her incredibly nerfed stats. While being incredibly, slow, squishy early game, entirely dependant on mana, and tendency to be focused in team fights, she can still be amazing in overall play.

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Anivia's Role

Anivia's role early game depends entirely on who your laning with. If your going mid, a standard mid character. Bot with say a support, a hard turret pusher (ill explain later), with a carry a harasser to keep them off your partner, etc etc...
Anivia still plays best as an ap carry despite her ability to fill missing roles. With her amazing minion killing abilities she can push a lane back to a turret and get out before anyone knows she was there.