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AP AD master yi! Jax aproves this guide

Last updated on November 16, 2012
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Hello everybody!
this is my first guide in mobafire and this is my AD/AP build for yi.
The AD/AP build is more stronger then it looks like.unfortunately i dont have any videos or images that i can show you.

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Pros / Cons

The pros and cons are very simple:


super strong late game will be ganked
good mobility not very strong before having GR
strong harasser with GR

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Farming is very simple

DONT PUSH! wait until the minions are low hp to last hit them.
use alpha strike (Q) if the enemy champion is near u and their minion is low hp,this will make u kill the creep and damage your opponent.

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This guide isnt finished and it will get better.
feel free to vote,rate,comment,and add me in league of legends: Gharfield.
Thank you for reading and have fun pwning