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AP/Hybrid Ezreal, myths and truths

Last updated on December 10, 2011
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AP Ezreal! In the past, this was the "correct" way to play Ezreal, but nowadays AD is considered the correct way.

The truth is, both are almost identical!

Ezreal's skill, Mystic Shot (Q) deals physical damage regardless of how you play him.

After obtaining Lich Bane, the damage of Mystic Shot increases drastically, as it both scales from 0.2 per AP AND the total AP Ezreal has.

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The reason the Armor Pen Mark is still included, even though this guide is about AP, is because the same reason stated as above, this Mystic Shot deals physical damage.

Since Mystic Shot will be the primary source of damage Armour Pen is still the primary Rune that you will need.

You can change the Quint for something different, but since rest of the skills are Magic Damage, and this guide deals with AP, Magic Pen will be useful.