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Ap Twisted Fate guide

Last updated on November 12, 2012
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Hi and welcome to my first guide on mobafire.This guide will explain why twisted fate is one of my favorite champions in game and how I play him.This guide is only for ap twisted fate and not ad,just because I think he's not that strong ad.If you play him ad,keep in mind that Wild Cards is completely useless(unless you would use it to trigger trinity force).The reason why I like Twisted Fate is that he can deal huge damage with his q and w when he's fed,but even if he isn't fed,you can still help your team with his stun or AoE slow and the global ward ulti+ teleport(5500 range)

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Skill Explanation

Passive:Loaded Dice is probably the most useless passive in game.2 extra gold/kill is nothing.If you have 200 minions(which is pretty good) you only get 400 extra gold.And there is nothing you can buy from that.This passive doesn't make Twisted Fate better.

Q:Wild Cards:This is Fate's harras and farm skill.It's pretty easy to dodge but the cards go in 3 directions which makes it a bit hard to dodge and a lot better to farm.It has a huge range.This ability allows TF to stand back in teamfights and just harras with Wild cards.

W:Pick A Card:This is what makes Twisted Fate a lot stronger.You can choose between 3 cards:
-blue:most damage+65% of damage returns as mana(great to restore mana)
-yellow:least damage,stuns for 1-2 seconds
-red:damage betweeen blue and yellow:has an AoE slow.
The only reason why this ability is annoying is because the colour of cards never starts with the same colour,but it always has the same sequence:red-yellow-blue(remeber the sequence,it will help you alot).It's very important that you pick the right card in the right situation:in teeamfights:use yellow on the ad carry,if you try to run away from more that one enemy:red,only 1 enemy:yellow.And for farming you should use blue,like that you can keep harassing the enemy and you'll never be oom.

E:Stacked Deck:Very important skill for AD TF,but not so important for AP TF.It's a passive skill,so would won't have to tap E to use it.It's better than nothing,but still not worth alot.The extra damage is usefull for harrassing a bit harder.

R:Destination:This is what makes TF very usefull/annoying during laning Phase.Destination shwows where all the enemy champions are+ let's you teleport over a range of 5500.This ability used to have a global teleport,which was very OP.5500 is not bad,but it's not enough to teleport directly from mid to top/bot.Anyway,if you see an allied champion struggling with a 1v1 fight,you can just teleport next to him and own the enemy champion,or you can make a 2v2 in bot lane a 3v2 and same with top.

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My runes are pretty basic for an ap caster.Ability power glyphs,magic penetration marks and ability power quins are pretty basic.Seals are pretty troublesome for a caster because there are no really usefull seals for an ap caster.I picked the ability power seals just because I didn't know what els to pick.I don't pick ability/level runes because i try to focus on early game.After all,early game decides how late game will be.

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Same as runes,pretty basic ap caster runes:all the ability power masteries in offence,none in defence and mana/level and movement speed masteries in the utility tree.The reason why I don't pick any defensive masteries is because twisted fate is already so squishy,those 6 extra armor and MR won't make any diffrence.

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Pros / Cons

Pro's Cons

-Always usefull -Very squishy(reason for guardian
-Wild Cards can deal a lot of damage angel)
to every1 in teamfights - You have to keep calm when
-Once you get rabadons,very easy to farm being ganked because it's
-Almost never oom during laning phase with crucial that you pick the right
Pick A Card(blue) card
-Great ganks with Destiny - People will know when you use r
-Very fun to play - Pretty hard to master
-Awsome harrasment. - Pretty hard to escape ganks
- After doing q and w,he's out of
spells to cast
- Very fast oom in teamfights

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Skill Sequence

I pick Pick A Card first and max Wild cards first.I pick w first because it's more usefull during invades or when being invaded.E is not very usefull,but the extra damage is nice to farm and to harras just a bit harder.That's why I max it last but pick it 4th.

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You should always start with Boots Of Speed and Health Pots first.

Rabdadons Deathcap is the first item which makes you hit hard with q and w.

They will buy MR,so you should counter that with Magic penetration -> Void Staff

I pick Lich Bane not only because I find it very usefull for every caster,but also because it makes your w do damage.The extra magic damage every basic after using an ability is what can make the diffrence between kill or escape.But the main reason why I pick this item is because before you get Lich Bane,your Pick A Card is only usefull for it's stun/slow,and not really because of it's damage.With Lich Bane,Pick A Card gets about 400 damage extra;

By the time you get her,you'll notice that you are very squishy and easely targetted in teamfights,that's why I pick Guardian Angel.The enemy team won't target you as easely if they see you have a Guardian Angel.

My last item fits with Guardian Angel.The defensive bonusses from Guardian Angel + the Health bonus from rylais makes Twisted Fate harder to kill.The slow bonus + Wild Cards is also usefull against enemies that try to run away.

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Final words

That was my first guide on Mobafire.I hoped you enjoyed and my guide will help you.If something isn't clear or you know some improvements,please tell me.