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Heimerdinger Build Guide by whitevelcro

League of Legends Build Guide Author whitevelcro

ARAM Heimerdinger: Highest Win Rate Items

whitevelcro Last updated on November 29, 2016
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About this guide

Data was last updated from on Novermber 29, 2016.

As always, don't just follow the ideal build without thinking. Adapt your build based on the circumstances. Deathcap is the highest win rate first item, but that's probably not just because raw AP is amazing on Heimer. It's also because Deathcap is the most expensive first item. If you don't have the gold to complete it first, feel free to go with a different item. For example, Rod of Ages is a great item if you need the extra health and mana. Luden's is an excellent heavy AP item to rush that costs less than Deathcap. If you're starved for gold, you can always finish out Frost Queen's Claim first.

One of the chief rules of ARAM is that there are no fixed "best" builds. The team comps vary so much on both sides that there are often great ways to take advantage of the situation by adapting. The items in the "Items by Win Rate" section are ordered by win rate to help you adapt on the fly.