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Ashe Build Guide by TheJew500

League of Legends Build Guide Author TheJew500

Ashe Jungle, Actually viable

TheJew500 Last updated on April 24, 2016
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I am a bronze 5 ad zilean mid main on the NA server, it was high time i shared my knolage and expertise with the general community.
Ashe Jungle is actually viable, a few tips, if you call jungle and pick ashe people will dodge, so call jg and pick a champ like teemo, a common jungler that does decent, but dont lock in, wait till the las second to lock ashe.

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Why the F**K is Ashe Jungle actually good

Ashe jungle can carry super hard, imagine having two superfed adcs on youre team, think of the possibilities.
Her W clears camps well and her q is great for slowing while ganking, Also, the ult is nice for helping people across the map.

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I use AP runes because of the scaling on Ashes ult.

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I take mainly ap mastrees to help the ult scale, however, i throw in a couple tank mastries and some utilities like phasewalker, phasewalker reduces youre recall time by .5 seconds, that way you dont waste .5 seconds recalling and can get back to clearing camps .5 seconds faster. Fleet of foot helps you get aroound and farm, and scout is for long range warding.

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rushing runnans is essential for ashe jungle because of the clear time, then the berserkers greeves distortion buffs youre attack speed, flash, and ghost then youre phantom dancer and bt for AD lifesteal and crit, then the ravenous for x-tra ad and the passive is nice for clear time, finally finish it of with an occult for all those late game kills!

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Ranked Play

Ashe is VERY strong in ranked, i speak from experience, in just a week, ashe jungle brought me from bronze 5 zero lp to bronze 5 four lp, if i keep on this path ill be challenger in 875 weeks, better late than never right?

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I hope youve enjoyed this guide, now get out there and win!