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Ashe's Dps build

Last updated on November 20, 2011
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Introduction to Ashe

Hi guys this is my First guide :D and this will explain really how to use ashe in the most effective and helpful way possible for begginners. Ashe is a fairly easy champion to use. Ashe is also a huge money maker. her Hawkshot skill makes it easy to keep an eye on the enemy and where there location is. The hawkshot skill also has a bonus in which every unit that you killed you can gain 5 bonus gold (at max lvl).
I like to play ashe with a partner, so grab a buddy and lane with a strong tanky champion.

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    Ashe has nice skills which help easily take champions down
    Her ult does a huge amount of damage and stuns the enemy champion
    She is very fast and hard to catch, if you have the right items.
    She does not have alot of hp
    She is weak early game and easily killed
    she does not have alot of defensive options

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Ability Sequence

here is the skill order i usually go with