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balakin2 annie sustain tank helpful?

Last updated on June 28, 2015
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this is a more tanky/higher sustain annie with more resist and i have a couple ideas that might help, zhonyas should be a number 1 pick anyway because of the 120 ap, but it can be super helpful in team fights, since youll be the number 1 focus at the begining, try and flash tibers, throw your combo, hit e to make tibers more tanky and faster, and zhonyas, this will force them to change targets or just sit there and get beat down waiting on you to get back up, it also gives you some free time to let abilities cooldown. skull scepter thing can help with people like diana by giving you a little more resist, also it gives you some magic penetration by lowering their resist, rod of ages is important to keep for the extra health and mana and it also gives you 80 ap which isnt bad. rylas gives you some more health and then of course deathcap for the mega ap boost. also included some other resist items incase you want to get ******ed tanky and still do massive damage