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League of Legends Build Guide Author Cloneruler

Banning Guide - S4

Cloneruler Last updated on April 18, 2014
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List of muthafu*kas to ban

These are your priority bans, those who can carry the game by themselves basically.

1. Those dang Koreans just had to bring him back. And with the new Feral Flare he's just... op.

2. Another Feral Flare character. Just, get him outta there.

3. This character really depends on if you guys know how to ward. But this is a team effort, keep vision wards in the river and you should be good, but that's alot of gold, I mean 100 gold per vision ward... Just remember one thing: Vision Ward

4. Optional ban. The reason she would be banned is because she dominates almost every mid laner and even if she's behind she can 100-0 the ADC in the blink of an eye.

5. Again, I blame those dang Koreans. Jax is an extremely song duelist, some would argue the strongest duelist in the game. Just, ban him if you wanna win.

6. Best. Support. Ever. His kit provides everything needed for an ADC, an engage, a disengage, and even an escape. Just get him outta there!

7. Mainly for lower ELOs (like me Amumu) If you think you can not let him get farm, then don't waste a ban on good ol' susan here.

8. The mother of tanks. "Shyvana is unstoppable" -trick2g

9. Either learn to side step or ban her.

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