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Build Guide by tadpole

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League of Legends Build Guide Author tadpole

beastly veigar

tadpole Last updated on June 23, 2010

veigar, with the right build and trainnning tim, can b very op. let me go on to his abilities and what i think of it.

("Q") deals the last damage at most times dont do as much damage as u want but can take out sum minons for fast leveling and minon feeding i can get it up to the 400-500 damage range toward the end of the game.

("W") my favorite move he has really good for leveling up and minon feeding. takes out a ton of minons and i can get this move up to about 600-700 damage range

("E") the key to being very successfull using this character. stuns ur opponent so that allows u to use all ur dmaage sumtimes killing your opponent in one combo "awesome"

("R") "hits like a truck" as the quota says hits for a lot of damage. its like the "Q" move just 4 times more damage i can get this move to do about 800-900 damage.