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Blitz tanky support with some damage

Last updated on November 13, 2012
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Always take him support

the grab and knockup are first because they are necessary for cc as a support. After that, the speed/attack boost gives you more with each level. The knockup doesn't scale as much and you need the extra speed early game. The grab is next, as a shorter cd is necessary. I also start armor early, as you will be in the lane with the ad carry.

I feel like blitzcrank is all about patience. lots of people want you to try to grab as soon as the cd is up, but wait until you know you can land it. A good pull WILL win you the fight, if your adc is paying attention. Also, you don't have to start with a pull. If you can get behind them and use your speed boost to rush out, you can lead with the knockup, and save the grab for when they flash away.