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blitzkrank the ultimate tank

Last updated on October 23, 2012
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Well this build is quite simple and easy... heres explanation.

if you feel like making this build into a well descriptive one, go ahead.

This is the real reason blitzkrank is banned every game.

most public builds ALWAYS focus on damage, there is no side to it. this build wins your team the game. thank god for diversity, right?

You go for early wards if you feel you will get wailed upon, or if you feel you need the security for your lane buddy.

the second thing to hold in mind is to let the gold per second (GPS) last as long as possible before buying the items for them.

The build is about absolute survival, so you need to keep in mind that uyou dont attack, you simply run ahead of your friends into the fray to get them to waste precious cooldowns on you.

And learn to use the activation keys for items like shureila and locket... its a all round heavy supportive tank role, where you run into them, stun their most fed carry, and let your team run in, pop off the locket early, keep moving around to confuse them if they by means of extra disassessment attack you and then pull your hand (if you didnt already) to grab them every time they run away or catch up to them with shureilas. if youre dieing, shoot shureilas as fast you can to allow your team mates to run.

that is all.