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Burst tank dragon in jungle (patch 6.22) ~ 300 games

McJungle Last updated on November 10, 2016
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Natural Talent
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Ferocity: 18


Cunning: 12

Runic Armor
Veteran's Scars
Legendary Guardian

Resolve: 0

Threats to Shyvana with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Varus I would argue that you can beat any adc out there, its not very hard. You can easily burst them. And the dream is if they are like Varus,Twitch or draven when you can easily catch them.
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About me and my guide


My name is McJungle and I'm curently plat IV on EUW server. I have loved Shyvana since the first game i played with her back in season five. She helped me get from silver 2 to where I am today. I also just ranked as the 3000th best shyvana in the world, so I'm quite happy about that. This guide is the optimal help if you just want a fast and easy guide. I found it to work very well against and with all types of teams. You will have high magic damage aswell as physical damage, which makes this the perfect build to a perfect champion. Well, hope you enjoy.

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Jungle route

Start with golems (smite them), you really don't need any assistance at all, but ofcourse it's always usefull, since you get a faster start. You will now be lvl 2, choose E, ward red, and go for Wraiths (DO NOT GO RED YET). later go for wolves, your smite should be at a 15 sec cooldown when you attack them, bring the big wolf down to 410 hp, and kill the little ones, then smite the big one for the vision buff. Then take out gromp and then recall back to base. Now that you have picked up machete, go for golems again, then clear the whole jungle + buffs. When you have cleared the whole jungle try going for a gank if possible or go for enemy team wraiths and golems, they are usually up by now as long as you don't play against a farm jungler. You will now be level 6, and the big jungle part is over.

Now you just focus on invading enemy red/blue buff and ganking, but don't forget your own jungle, try to always clear it, Shyvana is a very fast jungler which means you should try to stay the same level as mid and top. if you play by this guide you should also be 1 or 2 levels above the enemy jungler, which means that if you encounter them you can easily take them down.

NOTE: try to go for dragon ASAP when you hit level 7, you can easily take it down by yourself. But remember to ward around it first or kill the enemy jungler to stay safe. Or ofc if you see the enemy jungler top, you can easily get a free dragon.

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Items and aggression

As Shyvana you have a very strong early/mid game. So your main aggression should be placed out in the middle of the game. When you have got your bloodrazor and boots you are pretty much unstoppable. You can probably 1v1 any champion in the game, and i have found myself 1v2 and getting double kills easily against enemy botlane. Your high level from your jungle route should place you 2 levels over enemy bot. And when you ult in and burst adc, the support is an easy meal for you.

When you have got bloodrazor, boots and titanic hydra, you are the strongest champion in the match, then you should focus on mid/top to pressure them out, just make sure that you don't go too far in. I've found myself doing that too many times in the beginning.

If you get fed in mid game i recommend you keep building damage items like BOTRK or wit's end to keep your damage up late game. If you don't get fed, if you go like 2/2/2 with 100 creeps at 20-25 min mark, you should go for full tank rest of the game. If you build tank, you will pretty much rely on your burst, but you are still very strong. NOTE: when/if you get your frozen mallet, you should start giving red buff to adc or top/mid if you have champions that work well with the buff.

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Crowd control choises

Shyvana is one of those champions that really lack good crowd control. thats why i prefer to pick up stalkers blade rather than skirmisher's. You also can choose to go for exhaust instead of flash, but i only recommend that for the experienced Shyvana players. Even though i have played Shyvana about 200 times i still prefer flash, cause it gives you the extra mobility. Randuin's omen is also a good Crowd control item that you can pick up.

NOTE: if your team lacks crowd control, i recommend you chose exhaust instead of flash and taht you pick up BOTRK instead of frozen mallet.

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Damage and combos

When playing Shyvana i try to engage as smartly as possible. try to ult in and when you are in the air you smite your target to slow them down. Then put E-W-Q + titanic hydra (and BOTRK) if you have it on your target. this should really bring them down in hp. If your prayer is a low hp target, this + 1 or 2 basics should kill them. If your prayer is tanky, you might need to fight him for a bit, but thats where fevor of battle + your HP percent damage from E comes in handy.

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-easy farming and fast clearing
-easy to escape/engage
-Both heavy burst, and good damage over time
-works well against both squishy and tanky champions

-no crowd control
-relies on team follow up when engaging