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Last updated on August 28, 2015
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Hexdrinker: You don't want to be early bursted by, say, a level 6 malph? Buy this.

Bilgewater: DO NOT build it into blate of the ruined king. Only for the active, to slow people.

Tiamat: Early damage, use its active a lot.

Bami's Cinder: A mini sunfire cape. Get this is fed early against an AD.

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Situational notes:

Ravenous Hydra: If you're fed and want to do tons of damage

Frozen Heart: ADC/Attack Speed Jungler is fed

Spirit Visage: Poke AP Team

Banshee's Veil: Non-poke burst AP team

Warmog's: You don't take too much damage but don't have enough healt

Randuin's: Generally always build this, slows people, slows attack speed, gives you HP. Don't build if only AP is fed.

Thornmail: ADC is Vayne and REALLY fed. ****s her up real good.

Black Cleaver: You want to give this early; it shreds people's armor hard and gives you HP and speed.

Dead Man's Plate: Chase kids, slow them, tons of HP

Quicksilver Sash: LOTS of CC on enemy team. Get this.

Frozen Mallet: Wanna chase like a frozen nigglet?

Maw of Malmortius: AP kidzz