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carry yi roam ali no tank

Last updated on September 8, 2011
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roam ali, carry yi, no tank

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Irelia Build

Chapter 1

the eu forum has been talking about solo top, 2 mid, solo bot comps and clg used something similar in mlg with support ali roaming mid a lot. it actually lets u get away with comps that wouldnt be viable with a normal setup like carry nasus and yi. this is the first setup.
irelia top, urgot mid, ali mid/roam, morg 1v2 bot. irelia can take ignite or teleport to help bot/mid more. no specific gameplane as its hard to predict how this would work, would depend a lot on enemy champs since the lanes arent balanced.

this one: carry yi, no tank/everyone tanky

irelia:... as long as she gets trinity at some point
urgot: dorans blade, mercs, brutalizer, youmuus
alistar: boots, philo, heart of gold, ioninan, avarice, youmuus
yi: wriggles, greaves, trinity, banshee's
morg: dorans ring/boots, catalyst, rod of ages, mercs, rabadon, fh/zhonya/bv, void staff

summoners are very uncertain. urgot can have ignite/exhaust, irelia can have exhaust/ignite/tele, morg can have ignite or tele.

ali's anti-cc ult/headbutt is infinitely better than tarics stun on this team since its heavily melee and u have morg snare/urgot ult to initiate but need to prevent kiting/teamfights are gonna be long because of runners.


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