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Carry your team to bronze 5 with the guide to mastery with N

Last updated on July 28, 2016
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Carry your team to bronze 5 with the guide to mastery with Nasus by Aldao
Hi, my name is boosted asian eating rice, and i am here today to write about Nasus, a big dog. Nasus, the big dog, is a skillshot oriented mage that deeply relies on his q, bite the minion. Nasus is a glass cannon type champ that should never be built tank. Now that you have thorough intro to nasus , you must realize that nasal is a very poor choice for top lane. Always play him support! You will carry every game.
I recommend that you build rabadons deathcap, the bloodthirster, then zekes harbinger, topping off the build with 2 pairs of boots. Finish off with dank memes. The first item you obtain is doran's ring.
For masteries, go 30-21-9, focusing on memes for maximum troll, i mean damage potential.
For runes, go full energy glyphs, seals, marks, and quints
Thank you for reading this champion spotlight on Nasus, the big doge.
A tip on winning games is to purposely feed your lane opponent approximately 10-20 kills, but at least 50 is recommended. Then "outplay" your lane opponent. The shut down gold you gain will TOTALLY give your team and edge.


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