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Castronaut teemo: Cut your enemies balls off! (AS-Onhit top)

Last updated on September 16, 2012
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Me and Teemo.

Hello, welcome to my Teemo guide! :) (And forgive me for my bad english:D)

Its my first guide and I made it because there are alot of good Teemo builds in mobafire, but none of them completely fit to my playstyle.

Hope you enjoy it! And remember: everything is situational!

I like to play teemo as a solotop. Not many champions counter teemo if you know how to play him right, I'm just sad that there are alot of bad players out there playing teemo and ruining his reputation, it's usual that when I pick teemo, someone will go "NO, NOT TEEMO" "TEEMO USELESS".

Teemo is a huge advantage to your team if he knows how to place in tactical places and use his abilities in teamfights.

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Pros / Cons

- Teemo is a pushing god!
- Great map control
- Disables ad carries with blinding darts
- Mushroom warding
- Gets around quick (splitpushing)
- Free farm if you leave shrooms on lanes when you are done farming them
- Great escape tools
- Easy kills if someone decides to towerdive
- Insane poke if you know how to use blind (against ad)
- Free chase kills with Frozen Mallet
- Useful passive

- Squishy
- Shrooms countered by oracle
- Low damage if enemy has alot of MRES
- Easily focused

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Masteries and Runes

I like to put alot of points in the offensive masteries, because with good (shroom) placement you are very hard to catch, but if with teammates he deals a s***load of damage to a single target.

AP masteries help teemo hit with his Toxic Shot and also the blinding dart deals more damage to enemies.

I also pick Veteran scars (+30 health) that helps alot in the early game.