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challenjour guide to taric - climb runks fast !

Last updated on August 25, 2015
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Why Play Taric Like This?

you might be wondering, why the **** would you use this build? the answer may surprise you.

relic shield:

this makes your team think that you're going sup. in reality, YOU are the carry.


get that damage bruh

iceborn gauntlet:

helps to slow things down, so you can take a nice easy ride to plat

giants belt:


amplifying tome:

really caps off the AP

boots of mobility:

speedy taric ;)))

warding totem:

your team will be bm if you don't get this

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Pros and Cons


-hes a god



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Getting Kills

once you have rabadons, its gg. just go in there, w, r, then e when they try to run like the ***** they are. then a couple auto attacks and you'll be going 10/0. ***WARNING: THIS ONLY WORKS IN LCS***

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