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Last updated on June 4, 2012
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Critplank - Solo top

Yo kiddos.
Just saying i dont have the best English :D.

So ive been playing alot of Spooky Critplank solo top, against squishy people
this build is fantastic, allow you thanks your passive to slow, shot and crit
them down so fast early.

Late game you gotta have atleast 150-200 minions so your pretty farmed and doing
crit like a baws, the way of dont getting focused in teamfights, is to wait for
your team to engage, then you come when their chasing your teammates down, then
you have a very big chance to dps all squishy people down such as the ad carries.

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Critplank supporting at lvl 6?

As Critplank you have ur ultimate who you can send all around the map, you should
try to mix that up when for example your jungle ganks bot lane to get the extra
assist money and help out your teammates so much you can while your top :D.
1 alternative is to use your Teleport to double gank or push the tower etc..
''Warning'' You should only use the Teleport after pushing your lane not if YOU are pushed!