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Corki adc by S4 Low Challenger

bive Last updated on February 10, 2017
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Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Ferocity: 12


Cunning: 18

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Legendary Guardian

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Threats to Corki with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Ezreal Use minion wave.
Lulu She usually starts Q so just dodge it easily by pretending to be aggressive or juking cs. When she uses E on ur support or u, be prepared to juke her Q. You can lower her passive dmg by being behind a minion.
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I am low challenger of season 4 in NA and I fill during rank. I am making these guides for myself and friends mainly so sorry if you're looking for visuals.

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Published 10/19/14
Added a small skill order for first 3 lvls for early game chapter 10/21/14
Added how to fake cs to dodge skillshots in early game chapter, and added Janna to synergy chapter 10/25/14
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Clarified brand matchup and lower difficulty 11/16/14
Added tower harass in Early Game chapter, Added W through nexus in Mid Game chapter, Added hexdrinker 11/20/14
Updated for new rift beta 11/21/14
Replaced elixir of fortitude for wrath, added pantheon to dragon chapter,added janna matchup 11/24/14
Updated early game chapter such as fake ward 12/1/14
Added Braum matchup 1/11/15
updated farming under tower chapter 1/18/15
Updated title and when to pick corki 1/21/15
updated dragon and baron chapter 2/12/15
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Updated jinx matchup, updated when to pick corki chapter 4/26/15
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updated masteries; when to pick corki chapter, added maokai matchup 12/31/16
Updated when to pick corki and conclusion chapter 2/10/17

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When to pick Corki

As of patch 7.3, Varus and Jhin are top tier. You should only pick Corki when you have many AD sources of damage and lacking magic. You shouldn't pick Corki when you have 2 magic sources of damage from top, mid, or jungle...or when you have an ap mid. Corki still has an average win rate so it is highly recommended to learn the other mentioned adc.

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Summoner Spells

Flash is mandatory on this champion. Heal is the strongest spell for duo lanes. Heal can be used during an ally's Zhonya's Hourglass. Remember to read Heal description and use your mouse cursor wisely. Exception would be if they have many critical cc or low cooldown cc like Twisted Fate, then you can take Cleanse and your support gets Heal.

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As of patch 4.20, this is standard runes for adc. For glyphs, if you are against Janna, Soraka, or Trundle support, most people get 5 magic resist glyphs and 4 atk spd or mana regen glyphs for a second adc page. I recommend getting all mana regen glyphs for those 3 supports or against a troll pick support that has no magic dmg. If against all ad comp, then get all atk spd glyphs, mana regen glyphs, or armor glyphs.

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12/18/0 is standard number wise for most adc right now. Fury and Sorcery can be preference. Vampirism is better early game. Thunderlord's Decree is better early game than Deathfire Touch or Fervor of Battle .

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Doran start is standard. Trinity Force synergizes w/ Corki's kit very well as he can get many sheen procs easily once he is 6.

Then usually a Sorcerer's Shoes since much of your dmg is magic, first used by the player Score from KT Bullets. The item after Trinity Force and Sorcerer's Shoes is usually Rapid Firecannon, then vary with situation.

Rapid Firecannon should be bought after Trinity Force Sorcerer's Shoes for a quick item spike.

After Rapid Firecannon, get Infinity Edge if you can auto often in team fights or Essence Reaver if you cannot.

Get The Bloodthirster if you are running a poke comp as the sustain and shield makes prolonged sieges better for you as you wear down the enemy and you are full hp. The shield also helps tank 1 or 2 tower shots. Also if only 1 or 0 enemies are building tank.

You get Blade of the Ruined King when you are against 2 enemies that are building tank. Blade of the Ruined King also synergizes with Gatling Gun.

If you are not in danger and not part of poke comp then you get Infinity Edge after Essence Reaver, unless you bought Rapid Firecannon.Testing

Don't get Last Whisper. With the changes to corki's damage output, Void Staff is better than Last Whisper in all cases and should be bought when they build Negatron Cloak or Aegis of the Legion. Corki can still do plenty of damage without penetration items so go with survival items like The Bloodthirster and/or Maw of Malmortius.

As for defense items, Quicksilver Sash is great against Zed, Thresh hook, and other critical cc. Banshee's Veil is pretty good against Lee Sin, Blitzcrank, and other strong spells. Guardian Angel if you do not need the previous 2 defense items. Randuin's Omen if against full ad team. Read mid game chapter for trinkets. Maw of Malmortius, with the nerf to Mercurial Scimitar magic resist, can be added after Trinity Force if you are against a team with lots of magic and weak dmg tank or no tank, for example Syndra, Rumble, Rammus or tank Jarvan IV, any adc and any support.

Get Elixir of Sorcery when you expect a big fight; it is better than Elixir of Wrath since its passive is wasted as you do low physical dmg. When lvl 9 in game, get Farsight Alteration to ward your jungle bushes.

lastshadow9 had said Corki should sell Sorcerer's Shoes end game for Luden's Echo. It sounds good, I'll try it out when I have that much money.

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You should always time the enemy summoners and let your team know if your summoners are down. Flash without the mastery Insight is 5 min, and with it is approximately 4 min 15s. Exhaust, Ignite, Cleanse, and Ghost are 3 min 30s and with the mastery 3 min. Teleport is 5 min and with mastery 4 min 15s. Heal is 4 min and with mastery 3 min 20s. Buffs are 5 minutes if you don't have vision of their buffs to make use of riot's buff timers. Dragon and baron are timed by the game scoreboard. inhibitor is 4 min.

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Actions per minute; you should try to never stand still. It will warm up your hands if you keep clicking in left and right or in circles. Also do some wrist exercise so you don't develop anything bad.

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Skill Usage

In lane you want to Phosphorus Bomb auto when you trade since the enemy can dodge your q easier if u use it after u auto. Also there is a delay since the skill shot is lobbed. It is a bit longer range for harass compared to auto. Don't activate Gatling Gun if you are just going to run away. You can use Gatling Gun auto in lane to proc Thunderlord's Decree then back up.

Use Missile Barrage to activate Trinity Force procs when killing structures, but in fights you generally use any one skill before each auto. Also in fights just use Gatling Gun right away since your Missile Barrage has good cd to activate Trinity Force procs.

The Package from Hextech Munitions does an insane amount of damage but you don't always get to use it. Usually used to knock aside enemies and make sure you can get out alive, if you can't get out alive then don't use it offensively. Remember you get an extra Valkyrie after using the Package.

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Importance of vision control

In my early game section later on you will read about how to deep ward. Why should we deep ward? It lets your team know where the jungler is so everyone can play more aggressive if they can. Without knowing where the jungler is everyone will risk getting ganked if they play aggressive, especially under enemy tower. Your team can get buff timers, set up counter ganks if your team is stronger 3v3 or 2v2, and gank without fear of a counter gank. Maybe even kill the jungler while he is doing a camp. Warding river will not be enough since junglers can lane gank, even behind their tower without needing to go in a lane bush.

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Champion synergy

Blitzcrank needs kill pressure, which Corki can apply.

Thresh needs kill pressure, which Corki applies.

Poke comps with many ad sources of dmg can use Corki rather than Lucian or Caitlyn.

Team with heavy ad dmg benefits with Corki.

This champion is not good with double ap.

Leona needs kill pressure, which Corki applies.

Nami and her Tidecaller's Blessing on you with sorcerer's shoes can do a good amount of dmg.

Jayce physical poke dmg coupled with your magic poke dmg can siege very well. You should have an ap top or jungler. For example Maokai or Rammus.

Janna and her disengage kit lets your team poke more. Her ad bonus of Eye Of The Storm lets your skills hit harder.

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The level one before minions spawn

Do not pick a skill yet until you see your lane opponents in lane, when top laner appears at top to show there is no lane swap, or there is no delay invade. Your first skill in all but one situation should be Phosphorus Bomb, but if you get caught then get Valkyrie. You should defend a choke point safely. If defending wraith area do not stand in bush. If defending mid lane then have vision of both bushes and no need to have vision of their tower. You should use your trinket ward somewhere generally at 0:45-0:55, unless you see a group of invaders then you ward where you are escaping to. If you ward in front of them they can kill it. A delay invade optimally happens at 1:38, so warding at 0:45-0:55 at a decent spot to see the invade coming will let your team respond accordingly. If an enemy sees you when you are about to ward, its better to back off and ward a spot that they cannot see even though it is not as deep.

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If jungler starts on bottom buff then you and support help leash him until 1:47 which you then go to river as purple team or tri bush to lane as blue team. You should not worry too much about a cheese in the river as purple team if your trinket warded well during the 0:45-0:55. Same with tri bush as blue team. If you know who is going into your lane then use your skill to help leash. Use Phosphorus Bomb at 1:39. Ask your jungler to start top, since it will let your team have a higher chance of winning.

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Minion advantage

Generally for all lanes, if you have more minions you can go aggressive if you know where everyone is in the map; but not past the minions if you need your minions to help fight the enemy champs, unless you can completely zone them. If there are 10 enemy minions and you have 3 minions just back up all the way to tower as you will get collapsed on by the enemy. Since you will not lose any cs(creep score), you might as well go back to tower anyways. It takes 9 minions as duo lane to get lvl 2 so you should count both minion waves to see if you and support get lvl 2 first, they get lvl 2 first, or both sides will get lvl 2 at the same time. If they are getting lvl 2 first then you're gonna have to back off far and ping back your partner. If the lane is even then you have to be cautious. Only do short trades when playing aggressive or else you take too much minion damage. You can go for longer trades if you notice that you benefit more from it.

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Recognizing tower dives

You should watch your lane and your teammates to see if they have the factors of getting dived. The most obvious one is low health. Others are no flash, huge incoming minion wave, and champions missing. If you pay attention to other lanes or yourself, you can warn the possible dive and move your jungler, others can roam to help, or get in a spot for a safe teleport, all to turn around the dive. If none of the responses are available then the possible victim must leave. The duo lane should generally be together when the minion wave is at their tower, or else the enemy duo can 2v1 dive the lonely bottom player. Tell that bottom player to leave or call others to turn the dive around.

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Farming under tower

Towers will prioritize minions toward the bottom of the lane first. During early levels you can auto once on a full hp caster minion then tower shot then farm. The caster minions near the top of the lane will most likely get hit by your minions which means you need to auto those more than once or not at all. Use your skills to catch farm under tower as a last resort. Your support should help out.

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Recall scenarios

Best case scenario is you know where everyone is on the map and you can safely push to their tower if you have more minions or freeze when they have a bit more minions. You can recall before a siege minion wave(which spawns after 2 minion waves during early game), so that by the time you go back to lane you won't miss out on too much cs since siege takes a while to be killed by tower as well as enemies can't push that fast.

If you killed your enemy laners and you do not know where everyone is on the map then you should go to your tower and recall. Do not risk getting killed by their jungler or whoever. If you got a successful jungler to gank you then ask him to push with you unless you are all low enough for a triple kill. After recalling, buy while walking to edge of fountain always until 20 minute mark.

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Early game

Ask your jungler to start top. If your jungler starts top, do jungle camp with melee support. If you have range support, then you both should push lane right away before the minion waves meet except Karma. You and Karma should sit in their lane bush and hit them hard before farming. Push in the first 2 waves then play safe unless you have good vision or know where jungler is.

It takes 9 minion kills for duo lanes to level. You should count the minion deaths on both sides to see if you get lvl 2 first to go aggressive, both sides get lvl 2 at the same time, or if the enemy get lvl 2 first so you back off to tower. If you get lvl 2 first with support and you all in then get Gatling Gun. If both sides get lvl 2 or they get lvl 2 then u judge which skill to take at lvl 2. Once lvl 3, if you dont expect an all in or gank then take a 2nd rank into Phosphorus Bomb for better trades/poke.

You should conserve mana by not using Gatling Gun unless there is an all in or gank, or only use it when Thunderlord's Decree is up then back up once it procs. When trading, use Phosphorus Bomb followed by 1 auto then back up. You use Phosphorus Bomb first since if you auto first they can dodge Phosphorus Bomb easier. If you are not full hp and just want to harass then just Phosphorus Bomb since it is a bit longer range than 550 range auto. Missile Barrage, like other skills and autos, should generally be used right when they go for a last hit. If you hit them then its good, if they dodge it when his cs is about to die then he will miss the cs. A win win situation. If they are about to harass you when you go for cs, then u need to pretend to go for a cs then back off to the left, right, or back to dodge the skillshot, such as Aqua Prison.

Ward mainly when you push to enemy tower or for lane bushes. You can fake ward by walking to a spot and pretending to ward. If the mid or jungler(who is missing the most) is missing then u should expect a gank and should back off. Watch for top lane Teleport as well as you cant all in unless your jungler and top lane is ready to help. Get all 3 skills lvl 3 if you expect gank or all in. Play back, preferably at tower, if your support roams. Generally when your jungler comes, u let him show first before engaging since u don't want to die in a 2v2 before ur jungler gets to do anything. You can harass at enemy tower at the top edge toward river of lane just outside tower range only when they go for melee minions, and only if you know where everyone is and Teleport cooldown.

At the 8 minute mark your passive spawns The Package. After you base and buy use Valkyrie or walk while buying to get to the Package and pick it up. Make sure you pick it up after you finish buying since The Package does not last forever.

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Mid game

Mid game generally starts when a tower dies or when someone gets lvl 6 as they can tower dive. You can't Valkyrie through nexus when going mid lane, you can Valkyrie from fountain.

Get all tier 1 towers, trading towers is fine.

Call for help to ward enemy jungle if your team is ahead. Try to have a pink ward to contest objectives, sell doran if needed. Buy Elixir of Sorcery if you expect a fight. Get Farsight Alteration at lvl 9. You should generally be grouped with your team. Read items chapter for more info on trinkets.

Don't let your teammates push past river without grouping to ward enemy jungle. If your team is even then generally ward rivers and wait for next dragon fight. If your team is behind then generally ward your jungle/river and hope to get a pick. Try to get enemy buff timers then set up a minute before with deep wards and a pink when your team is ahead.

Your team can make plays when your massive minion wave is pushing by making a play on the opposite side of the map with an objective or decent minion wave to push. Or use the big wave by going with the huge minion wave for a strong siege or tower dive in that lane. DO NOT DIE FOR A TOWER. Even if it is one hit away, just get it later when it is safe.

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Late game

Do not put down a Vision Ward if you are not contesting the area. Only engage in fights that you know your team can win. If your team is grouped and one of you gets picked on, try to disengage while poking w/ Missile Barrage and try to save your teammate. Usually a fight ensues from that since no one can afford to lose a teammate at this stage of the game.

Try to slow push a side lane by telling your a teammate to leave 1 siege minion and 2 caster minion alive, so you can coordinate a timed push on the other side of the map w/ the massive wave. If there is backdoor pressure on your base, it is more imperative to use Farsight Alteration in your jungle bushes and lane bushes.

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Only do dragon when 2 enemies are dead while your team isn't low, or it is a free dragon. A free dragon is when the enemy team is aced, their teleports are down, completely cleared their vision, they're taking top buff, or recalled to base.

If they have Fiddlesticks, Nunu, Master Yi, Udyr, Shaco, Elise, Karthus, Lee Sin, and possibly more(not to mention laners helping out), then you need to keep it warded from a specific lvl onward for a possible sneak.

If the enemy starts dragon, poke them until dragon is half hp, then fight. Poking them makes them disoriented to either finish, run, or fight. Dragon does aoe so if you start it, have one person in the pit to tank it away from team.

Do not do elder dragon with 2 people or less.

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When securing baron for bait or to take, you want to deep ward and ward surrounding bushes to keep from getting stolen or to get a pick. Do not exclude the tri bush towards top lane.

As purple team you want to pink outside the pit and sweep inside the pit.

As blue team u want to pink in the pit near the entrance so that the enemy doesn't kill it over the wall.

Do not stand behind baron when taking it. It does damage to everyone behind it.

Your teammates need to have sweepers and pinks to help. As for positioning when taking baron you need to stand outside the pit with your carries. As for ward kills in the pit, support should be the one since support's dmg against baron is least important. When the enemy is in the baron pit, hit the baron to make it hit your enemies. Never use your cc at baron when enemies are around. One person should zone the enemy team if they are coming to stop the baron attempt. Communicate with your team beforehand to finish, run, or turn to fight.

At 20min and onward you must ward it against sneaks from high objective junglers such as Nunu, Udyr, Karthus, Fiddlesticks, Master Yi, and possibly more(not to mention laners helping out).

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Team fighting

Preferably poke down the enemy before fighting. You try to position yourself where you can deal 100% dmg w/o interruption. Which means going to 1v1 an enemy carry isn't always the best option. Prioritize the squishiest enemy or highest threat when in range. This means you don't always hit the tanks first for some fights.
Corki should have not gone after caitlyn and just use his aoe damage in that jungle fight on the other 4 members. He wouldn't have gotten hit by any cc.

Another example: if Leona and Lucian are in your range, then hit Lucian while avoiding Leona skill set as best you can. If you are in danger then generally you want to go to your teammates rather than away, unless you got Fizz ulted or something.

The Package from Hextech Munitions during a team fight depends on your situation. If all enemies used all of their cc then you can Valkyrie in, then Valkyrie out in a 5v5. Primarily use it to knock aside multiple people rather than hoping they will walk on the trail. In early game small skirmishes like 3v3 or 2v2, you may not need to Valkyrie out right away since enemies usually won't have the burst that early and are getting hit by your teammates.

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Corki is an average adc, even in ad heavy comps Ziggs is better than him bot lane. Do not pick him in double ap comps as your team needs a good mix of dmg. Corki is strong early game and his mid game is his highest point. Corki may be lackluster late game compared to other adc, but your job is to end the game at 35 min or less. All questions in the comments will be replied by private message.