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Crimson leaves fall in jungle

Last updated on February 3, 2015
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Why to jungle Yasuo and what it means for your team composition:

Jungle as Yasuo is something that was once the "meta" and was not viewed as viable, however with the proper team mindset and strategy this can be extremely effective.

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Champion select

Only and i repeat ONLY jungle as Yasuo if you have a tanky top and are confident in your mid lane. Due to his low sustain this guide thrives on quick ganks using his E to gap close in on fleeing enemies. Preferably also have a support with a knock up.

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The game

Go immediately for red after your first monster kill and gank mid at level 2 if your mid laner is ahead in cs. If not continue farming and lie low till level 4. At 4 with your wind wall head down to bottom lane and gank, after snowballing enough in the laning phase sell your jungle item and buy ravenous hydra for better sustain. You can now fully help split push and team fight while still roaming, I suggest taking boots of mobility if you are ahead Berserker's if falling behind.