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Last updated on October 8, 2011
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try in this way!is the only way!

this not need change!

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This is madness??no this is CrazyPlank!

so,u can cange last pantom Dancer whit a atma's impaler!

so,u can cange last pantom Dancer whit a atma's impaler!

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I have little to say...i used this build for my gangplank and i do a lot of kill!try for belive!

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Skill Sequence

well,is easy...when u are in front of a enemies(and u are shure of take him) first click the active of yumumu,raise morale,click cannon barrage(for slow) and attack whit auto attack and parrey.

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Summoner Spells

i tryed use 3 build of SP:
or ignite and exaust
or flash and ignite
or rally and ignite

my favorite are ignite and exaut but rally and ignite work very very so well!!

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in this guide i'm not committed,i know,but i think if i show u all but all of my GP so i cant play this build so better than you!!hahahah

bye bye noob!!

(bartucci in game server europe west...add me!)