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cutting the wuju

Last updated on February 2, 2011
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Intro to the wuju

basicly this build give you a good balence of damage and survivability. if played right then you become seriously hard to kill. you wanna play it a bit deffensivly till you have at leat you first regrowth pendant for the FON. with this ull be hitting around 600 dps or more!!!! the elixer is not needed but it does put your attack speed is put up to 2 per second and remember guys have fun ;)

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[*] insane damage mid to late game
[*] very good suvivability
[*] turret diving becoms extreamly easy

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[*] can be very squishy early game
[*] if you decide to jungle you have to wait till you have an emblam of valour
[*] you can fall behind in levels and gold very easiliy if you play to offensivly

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last notes

this is my first build planning on making some more at some point using the user maxdeth so any feedback would be appreciated. also if you do use this guid be aware that it can be quite vunerable to early game harass.