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darin sion the useles walker guide for getting carried to pl

Last updated on March 8, 2015
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hi my name is darinpwned i go sion top every game to push the lane but totaly ignore the turrets so my team never gets any gold when im farming top when the other toplaner is helping his team, and the rest of the time im trying to get more farm by randomly walking through the jungle for 3 hours so i can get 1 scuttle crab becouse i get some more vision to use my ult properly against a wall or against an enemy tower, luckely it doesnt do any dammage vs the towers becouse that would help my team, im a solo player that only relies on my teammates to win 4v5 without me so i can prove how lucky i am to have the same win rate as plat players who play 5v5


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