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Dat poke

Last updated on January 4, 2014
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Early Game

Your main role right now is to poke as much as u can and farm. How to poke with Lulu Use your w on the enemy ADC and do as much damage possible and back right off (u may need to do this a couple of times) after they are at 100 HP look for opportunities to flash qwe when the sup is behind the adc and back right off this should prevent the sup from being able to stun you under tower.

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Mid to Late game (teamfights)

Your role now is to do what all ADC'es do when team fights erupt, don't charge in and head straight for the ADC! that is your initiators and assassins role u need to do as much sustained DPS from a safe distance whiles looking for opportunities to use your kit to save allies (W is great for assassins charging at u)and finishing up kills if and enemy is running from a fight use e for some vision although u may want to shield allies your support is there for that.

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So why should you listen to me?

To be honest i am no pro really i am a scrub i play soloq as sup and when my team needs and adc i'll play lulu as my main's. I'm in bronze presently trying to make it to silver rough* time and hope to make it further one day My account is Tacticalsnake i am on the OCE servers and i hope to see u soon feel free to add me