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*****es aint urgot

Last updated on July 11, 2012
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dont have a skin?

*****es love skins. if you dont have skin. die in fire and dont play urgot.

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*****es love masteries

>21 - <9 - 0


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summoner *****es? more like spell *****es.

ignite flash. **** you.

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*****es love runes

*****es love red damage runes
*****es love yellow armor runes
*****es love cdr or MR blue runes
*****es love big ol damage runes.

deviate from this and you suck balls.

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what *****es love

*****es love urgot. and *****es love boots +3 . get the ****ing boots + 3.
*****es love urgot. and *****es love a sheen rush. show them how big your balls are with a sheen rush.
*****es love urgot. and *****es love a brutalizer. brutalize their *******s.
*****es love urgot. and *****es love armor. get glacial.
*****es love urgot. and *****es love man boots. get MR boots.
*****es love urgot AND *****ES **********ING LOVE VAMPIRES. SUCK THEIR BLOOD *****.
*****es love urgot and *****es love phage -> triforce
*****es love urgot and beetchez l00ve frozen hearts. show them how cold your heart is
*****es love urgot ENND butch1z love situational items. banshees + the old starks logo mergeed with some guy named **********ing zeke. he was a bro.