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evelynn the Nuker!!!

Last updated on October 13, 2010
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Hey this is my first build so hope u like it.

normaly with this build i start out buying Sapphire Crystal and 2 hp pots when then have about 900 gold i hed back to town for amplifyng tome and Boots of speed, later on when i have about 1200 i head back to town again and buy ´Sheen and sorcerers shoes. when i have all this i can start ganking but on a low plan, it is easys for u if u plan with u mate on the lane u are on that u stun a champion and then he jump on the target to, then just Q and hopefully u get the kill. now u when u have around 1100 go back to town for Giants belt, then u just save up for sunfire cape, and then go with rylai staff. and just save up for viod staff but the parts before u can buy it.

well the tagtic i use with eve is just to run around and solo ervey one i see and have the oppetuneti to. and watch out for orcale potion on other enemys and wards. if they se u, u die on less u can out run them.

when u are trying to ecape from some one use "W" to stealth and then Gost or "R" to get some speed.