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Exterminator Vacaville CA

DianeStewart Last updated on August 8, 2016
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Pest Control

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Avoid All Infestations

Termites: Termites will usually enter your home after making a nice place for themselves just outside. They typically make large colonies inside of old, dead trees or piles of wood. Make sure you keep your trees in good condition. As for wood piles, if you use them for firewood, keep them away from your home and spray them with a termite-specific poison occasionally.

Bees: Bees and other flying pests like to make their nests and hives inside of tiny cracks and gaps around your home or throughout your property. Look for any dead trees or tree stumps, cracks in your siding or roofing, or even holes in an old shed or garage. If you spot any gaps, seal them up or repair the damage. As long as you don't give them a place to build their home, they won't cause problems.

Rodents: Rodents are usually attracted to clutter, debris, and old food. Rodents can infest just about any home at any time. However, a dirty home is much more likely to be infested than a clean one might. Make sure you keep your home tidy inside and out. Get rid of old trash, piles of junk, and any other debris.

Spiders: A spider infestation is harder to anticipate than most other infestations. Spiders tend to favour dark, poorly-lit places throughout your home. The best way to prevent them from filling your home is to keep it clean and make sure you check your basement, attic, and other storage places frequently.

If you are not able to stop the pests infestation or unable to deal with it, best decision would be to call a pest exterminator like from exterminator Vacaville CA as they are experts and also follows the safety protocols.


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