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EZ Breezey Ezreal (AP!)

hipstersora Last updated on November 29, 2016
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Threat Champion Notes
Aurelion Sol Your E pretty much counters him. You can E out of his stun, out of his star circle, INTO his star circle to do damage on top of him, etc.
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Changes by Patch that effect this guide

Passive changed to be increased to 10 / 12 / 14% attack speed from 10% attack speed at all levels.

Now, this means basically nothing for normal AP Ezreal. It affects nothing early, the only time when Ezreal likes to auto. Mid to Late this change is pretty negligible, but it's still Nice I guess. If you're the type to build Nashor's for some reason, this helps a lot for your AA power.

Pre-Season 7
No changes to Ezreal himself, but Assassin changes have changed certain matchups slightly. I'll add them as I play them in their section.

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Precursor: What i've been playing around with

So, these are things NOT otherwise in my guide that i've enjoyed. In fact, it sometimes contradicts what I say elsewhere, but enjoy.

Instead of 6 flat CDR glyphs to get you the immediate 5%, perhaps with the 5% mastery for a lv1 10% CDR, you could get 6 SCALING CDR blues. When you have the 5% flat CDR, it's impossible to get to the cap without overflowing it. Not that its a bad thing, just that it's something that will effect your itemization potentially. With 10% scaling, assuming you build at least 30% through lich bane and something like Morello's, you'll always reach the 40/45% cap.
Going along with the above, think of still taking the 5% CDR mastery. With scaling CDR blues, you'll get your 10% instead at lv9, when you'll already have your Lich Bane (or at least Sheen, probably) for 20%.
Going against the above, don't get the 5% CDR mastery. Get the scaling armor / magic pen. Ezreal gains from both pretty nicely. Armor is a big thing for your auto attacks early on and your Q throughout the game, and magic pen is obviously good to have at all levels. You'll still have 15% or so by lv9, so you're not losing much, and you're getting a nice boost in damage in return. While CDR is important for Ezreal, i've noticed that early on the pen damage is worth it to conserve mana while dealing more brutal damage.

The mastery, Natural Talent. It grants scaling AD and AP. I don't suggest it, even here really as Vampirism is strictly better... BUT, Ezreal does benefit from both AD and AP and gunblade is all the sustain you need, so it is a viable option. Even if I don't like it, even in this section for the sorta off-meta AP Ez things you could do.

The SCALING build. It's only really a thing when you're going against a lane you already know you're ****ed in from personal experience and won't be having fun. Ezreal's whole kinda deal in mid is fighting mid and bursting the hell out of people with his high ratios, so not getting kills isn't really an option... but when you're forced, sometimes you have to look for other things to do. "No kills + getting pushed in + no possible roaming" type deal.
RoA rush, THEN Tear. Not the other way around or you're gonna get even more smacked in the face early, and Tear delaying RoA's stats is more damaging than RoA delaying Tear stacks. Then turn Tear into Archangel's into Seraph's with stacks. With RoA's AP and mana, you're actually in a preeeeetty good place right now considering AP. Boots whenever you want, really. I'd suggest Morello's next, as its another item that gives 100 AP and 400 mana. Lich Bane is still a really important part of Ezreal, and it gives 250 mana so its okay here too. Last item Rabadon's, to increase all that yummy AP you've built up.

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Welcome to my AP Ezreal guide! This is my first guide, so bare with me a little bit. Constructive criticism welcomed! I'm a silver elo player, but chances are if you're reading this you're not too far from myself so don't be quick to judge. I have have hundreds and hundreds of games with Ezreal, as i've been playing him since I started in early Season 5.

I'm on the NA server, summoner name: Hipster Sora

I'll try and keep this updated with major changes in each patch, and if you guys like the guide itself i'll try to make it look more pretty as well.

If you're doubting my skill, here is a simple screenshot of the last few games i've had playing Ezreal.
Note that this isn't a cherry picked list of my best games, they're simply my most recent games. Anyone could search through my Ezreal match history and see this.

NOTICE: This is a new guide, so feedback and upvotes are MUCH appreciated.

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Okay, so, runes!

I take 9 AD reds to help with CSing, which avoids us having to get Doran's Blade. The AD from these reds is more than enough to CS on, while also getting Doran's ring for the poke. Doran's Ring is also a good CS tool as it grants mana back after killing a minion, so if you need to Q minions a lot dRing is the way to go! As mentioned, because we take dRing instead of dBlade we take AD reds. Simple enough, yes?

If you can afford them, tier 3 dual-penetration reds also work nicely. Pricey, though.

So, here we can differ a bit game to game. Generally, I take flat MR blues, but because of our different choice of blues in this build we also want to consider changing our yellows to make up for that deficit of MR. For this reason, we now take MR yellows to make up for it a bit. You REALLY need MR in midlane, as most people you go up against will be AP mages. If you're going up against an AD assassin, feel free to take Armor yellows instead.

CDR is very important to AP Ezreal. We start with the 5% CDR mastery giving us that 5%, but then we also take 5% CDR in our blues! Getting so, you will now start at lv1 with 10% CDR. We get the 5% CDR in these blue runes, with either 6 tier3 CDR runes... or if you're IP Poor like myself than 7 tier2 CDR runes. Not much a difference statwise, but a huge difference in IP price. Then you fill in the other 2 or 3 spaces with MR.

Note: no stat in League actually rounds other than visually. with 6 tier 3 CDR runes you won't have 5% CDR, but rather 4.98% CDR. It's basically the same thing though, so don't worry. If you have 7 tier 2 CDR Runes, you get around 4.67%, so basically the same when you consider it's really a total of 44.67% CDR.

Standard, flat AP runes. Need that early damage to get ahead!

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Sorcery: AP Ezreal relies on spell damage, not his auto attacks unless you're going for Nashor's for whatever reason. Generally, Spell Damage >>>>>> Attack Speed

Double Edged Sword: With the recent changes, it's a must have. Increases your outgoing damage by 3%, and now only boosting incoming damage by 1.5% as opposed to the previous 2 and 2 percent for ranged. You're not supporting, and feast HP is hardly anything compared to this damage boost.

Vampirism: Since we don't get dBlade, this is our only source of sustain early other than our 2 pots. Even if you get dBlade, this is the best mastery. The small tidbit of AD and AP you get per level isn't worth it, unless you're 100% confident in your ability to crush it with Ezreal.

Bounty Hunter: While we do build Rylai's often in this build, we have no innate CC in our kit early on which is what Oppressor is really for. Meanwhile, we should be racking up a kill on our own laner and at least one other person (via ult, roam, or getting ganked yourself)for 2% damage boost ALL THE TIME which is better than 2.5% sometimes. Then, we're gonna be racking up more kills after so. Bounty Hunter!

Savagery: Ezreal needs gold for items, needs to CS for gold, and thus needs Savagery over out of combat MS. If you're confident in your ability to CS, Wanderer MIGHT be worth it. Generally though Ezreal gets pushed in by anyone with waveclear while they go and roam, so you just have to clear as fast as you can and ping MIA. Your ult can also gank for you instead.

Assassin: We're mid, so for all of early game we'll be alone. Need that 2% increased damage! Having blue buff for a little longer (if your jungler even gives it to you) or getting a slight boost in health and 15 mana from pots isn't worth the 2% damage.

Merciless: Standard for any carry / non support, really. You NEED that 5% increased damage to finish off people when they're low. Ezreal relies a lot more on kills than he does on CS since he has bad waveclear. Some mana regen isn't worth it. If you're having mana issues, get Morello's. Not the mana regen mastery.

Dangerous Game: Again, you're not a support. Take the mastery helpful for you! Getting mana and health back after a kill could be what saves you in a 2v1 situation after getting a kill on one of them (mana to escape or kill the other) or simply the health to outlive an ignite.

Intelligence: 5% CDR at lv1 is pretty nice. 10% at lv1 from both this and your runes is even better. You'll be building 40% CDR most definitely also, so 45% CDR not too far into the game isn't bad either.

Thunderlord's Decree: It's the best Keystone for AP Ezreal. It's a lot of damage early on, which is needed for those kills for items to get ahead. Stormraider's and the healing one are right out. Warlord's and Fervor are also pointless, you're not an auto-attacker. DFT I could see MAYBE being a thing, but imo Thunderlord's (and the 5% CDR you also get in this tree) are worth more.

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Alright, first let's talk about why you want to max each ability.

Q: To lower the CDR of this ability, to thus be able to lower the CDR of other abilities more frequently. Namely, you're ult, but also E and W. Once you have Lich Bane, it also has some nice damage. Mainly a CS and poke tool.
[*] Lichbane damage
[*] Lowering CDR of other abilities
[*] Getting CS
[*] Long Range Poking
[*] Applies On-Hit effects
Watch out for
[*] Mana cost of excessively using Q
[*] Q can't go through minions
[*] Can't Slow via Rylai's as it can't apply spell effects

W: Your main damaging ability. AP Ezreal's bread and butter. It has an absolutely massive 80% AP ratio, and the base stats aren't bad either. From as early as lv2, this ability will HURT. It will also apply Rylai's slow, while Q does not.
[*] Poke
[*] High Damage
[*] Spellblade Proc for an auto after W
[*] Spell hit effects (like Rylai's slow!)
[*] Taking towers with team mates
Watch out for
[*] High mana cost
[*] Range shorter than Q
[*] Can't CS / hit non champions

E: A secondary burst damage ability, but also your only non-flash escape. It has a 75% AP ratio, and a pretty hefty 50% AD ratio too. It'll hurt just about as much as W. Good for initiating a combo to finish somebody off, but if things go wrong you've just wasted your only escape.
[*] Escape
[*] Kiting
[*] CAN hit minions! You can CS with it if need be
[*] Initiation damage into WQ combo
[*] Applies spell effects (like Rylai's slow!)
[*] Hopping over most walls in the game
[*] Homes in on the unit closest to you, including STEALTHED champions
Watch out for
[*] Trying to hop over a wall only to stay on the same side you were on
[*] Since it homes in on the closest unit, E initiation might hit a minion instead if you aren't careful
[*] Mana cost
[*] Using E to deal damage / initiate a combo, thus losing your escape

R: If you're interested in AP Ezreal, chances are you've played AD Ezreal. Chances are you've also noticed his ult is more like a 5 man global tickle damage ult. It's pathetic, honestly. But AP Ezreal... oh lord, your ult is insane. It does sooooo much damage it's insane. It shouldn't be allowed. If you hit all 5 people on the enemy team, they're in big trouble. It's super useful for sniping objectives, initiating a teamfight, launching from the Fog of War, ganking a lane by simply aiming R down towards it, etc.
It has a 100% Bonus AD ratio, which sounds like a lot... but BluEz doesn't really build too much AD in the first place. And it doesn't count Ezreal's initial 50-100 AD built into his stats. That's the reason it simply tickles.
It also however has a 90% AP ratio. It's lower than AD's ratio, but god it counts so much more. As a mage you're going to be building more AP than BluEz would build AD. In some builds you get over 1000 AP, so it's no wonder that a 90% AP ratio does wayyyy too much damage. 900 damage, plus 650 flat damage you get no matter what. 1500 damage in one ability before both resistances and those % damage increases from your masteries (Which could add up to 17% depending on the game). It's a truly powerful ult.
[*] High, unbelievable damage on multiple people
[*] Cross map snipes / ganks
[*] Stealing Dragon or Baron
[*] Stealing blue buff (bad idea unless it's warded and you're cheeky)
[*] Your only source of quick immediate waveclear
Watch out for
[*] Missing this ult entirely
[*] Using it to clear waves, thus not having it in the next fight possibly when you need it

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Skill Sequence

Now, let's talk about maxing order.

Always put a point into R when you can. Simple stuff there, its a nuke.

First max: Generally you want W. Actually, in pretty much EVERY situation you want to max W first. W does the most damage, undeniably. There are however SOME small reasons that you might want to max Q first. If you're prioritizing ult gank damage over lane damage, then maxing Q first makes it up more which makes R up faster. It doesn't hurt your laning TOO much if you were already behind, as more Qs also means more Ws even if they're less powerful. Overbearingly though, you want to max W first.

Second and Third max: It doesn't really matter. It's really situational.
1)If you maxed W first, Q or E can be taken next.
[*] a) Q max second. It reduces ult time, Q time, W time, and E time. It's all really good. But what if you need E to have a lower CDR?
[*] b) E max second. It's part of your initiation combo to kill someone off, and your get away. If you REALLY need it's CDR lowered, and you probably do, leveling it up is the most reliable way to do so. But couldn't maxing Q first reduce E CDR by extension? Why yes! But you'd have to hit those Qs, and Q gets enough CDR from items rather than reducing it by leveling it up.
2)If you maxed Q first for whatever reason, W should be taken next, followed by E third.

So overall, R > W > E > Q
But R > W > Q > E is viable if you're more concerned with ulting than E
Maxing Q or E is really up to you and depends on the game itself. You may want to E more, you may want to R more. It all depends on your playstyle and the game.

Reminder: E is a very important skill for AP Ezreal. You don't often build resistances, but rather full glass cannon so you can delete people. Your only defense is your E. Maxing E is better than maxing Q if you don't need ult a lot.

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Flash: Standard spell, needed by basically everyone. Flash + E is a huge immediate distance for running away or chasing. E-ing into a turret dive and then flashing out is also an option.

Ignite: To secure kills. Take in matchups you think you'll be getting kills in, or jsut if you don't know what to take.

Exhaust: A MUST TAKE if you're against an assassin. Zed, Talon, LB, Ahri, Kat, Ekko, Akali, Fizz, etc. will all jump on you and burst you down before you can even E away. If you can E away, many of these champions will just follow you with their own mobility. You need Exhaust to slow them, reduce their damage, and to lower their resistances so that you might actually kill them instead after they've wasted everything trying to kill you while exhausted.

Barrier: Another wise decision is you're simply in a matchup you're not comfortable with. It blocks ALL of ignite's damage, and is also up much faster. You can reliably dive with it, bait yourself with it, and live when you shouldn't have with it much more often than you would with heal. In a recent memorable game, a Lee Sin kept ganking and turret diving me with his team's Twisted Fate. I'd pop barrier and get at least one kill. By the time he comes back to gank again, Barrier was up!

Heal: See above, there's no reason you should be taking this over Barrier unless you feel possibly saving a teammate during a gank or in the lategame is better than protecting yourself early and late.

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Doran's Ring: AP for trading using W, some HP for sustain, but most importantly grants mana regeneration percents and mana back on killing a unit. Helps you poke more, and have it do more damage.
Doran's Blade: If you have difficulty CSing or feel you need the sustain for the matchup. Not optimal.... but sometimes needed.
Dark Seal: Never good as a starting item unless you have a jungler duo and want to go for lv2 all in cheese. Don't get the item as a starting item. If you get a super early firstblood though and are forced to back, this item is probably the best. What else would you get, an amplifying tome? Actually also a good option. But if you have less than that, or simply feel like you'll be winning lane pretty hard, this can help you snowball. And if you don't, oh well! You can sell the item and it never costed much anyway. A small risk that could grant GIANT rewards.

Everything about this item is good. Nice AP for W, gives Q damage, mana, MS for dodging. Good stuff.
[*] Increases Q damage, giving it a better ratio
[*] Makes your auto attacks after W E or R deal nice damage
[*] Buttloads of AP
[*] Some Mana
[*] 10% CDR to have 20% when you get this item
[*] Some % MS to help avoid enemy laner skills

CDR Boots
[*] help you get to 45% if your build doesn't otherwise allow (10% initial, 20% from lich bane, 10% from this gets you to 40. If you otherwise get 40%, this could push you to 45%)
MPen Boots
[*] If you already have or WILL have 45% cdr later into your build, these are the better option. Also, if you bought CDR boots initially but then got more CDR from other items, you can sell those and buy these.

Luden's Echo
Really helps for long range ult kills. With the passive at full charge, deals at least 100 damage + 10% of your AP, which must be around 200 something if you build this second, even more if later.
[*] buttloads of AP
[*] passive for ult ganks or lane trading
[*] helps to proc Thunderlord's
but watch out for
[*] ulting intending to use luden's charge, but when using W/E on an enemy before ult hits
[*] Helps for waveclear on ult or when you hit someone in lane with W

Rylai's Crystal Scepter
My personal favorite item to build second. And here's why!
[*] Slows on W, so you can keep hitting Qs and W reliabley
[*] Slows on E, so after going in the enemy can't run away + makes Q and W easier to hit
[*] Slows on R, so if at long range if you don't get the kill it might slow them so an ally does. If at short range, they can't run away after your channel time.
[*] When someone is slowed, makes ult harder to dodge
[*] Grants a lot of AP

The best item if you're having any mana issues.
[*] 100 AP
[*] Completes 40/45% CDR with just runes, masteries, and Lich Bane
[*] Eliminates mana issues so you can Q, W, E, and R all you want.
[*] Amazing for teamfights, as you'll get mana back on assist
[*] Inflicts Grievous Wounds, which does a lot of "silent damage", which makes the item core if you're against any team with tanks who like health or health regeneration, and ADCs with lifesteal

Rabadon's Deathcap
This item is pretty simple. 120 AP, increases AP by 35%. It's a bad early item, but if you have at least 180 AP getting this item third will make it into 415 AP... more than doubling your burst. Perfect for Ezreal because he builds a lot of items that have 100 AP, or at least 80.

Hextech Revolver (note: Not Gunblade)
This item has some... pretty interesting qualities. It's worth buying somewhat early, even though you wouldn't want to complete any item this goes into until at least your fourth or fifth item.
[*] 40 AP, which isn't too shabby for the gold
[*] One of the best passives for Ezreal, something that makes his Q proc spell effects.
Now, the above statement "something that makes his Q proc spell effects" is the main reason we're talking about this item component. When you build into something, you lose this passive and gain an active which doesn't affect your Q. Since your Q is on-hit (applies things that an auto attack would apply except crit), you can't inflict spell-hit with it. Spell-hit are things like Luden's Echo, Rylai's slow, Liandry's burn; stuff items do to boost ability damage aside from stats. Now, most importantly, this item lets you proc Thunderlord's Decree with a single Q.

How's it do this? It activates spell effects. To proc TLD, you do need more than just this item though. You also need Lich Bane and Luden's Echo. How this works is Luden's Echo is a spell effect. Revolver's passive makes Q proc spell effects... like Luden's Echo. With spellblade, revolver passive, and echo, you proc Thunderlords Decree.
Now, let's look at that for just a second.
Q damage: 35 + 110% AD + 40% AP
Spellblade damage: 75% base AD + 50% AP
Magic Bolt: 75-150 magic damage
Echo: 100 damage + 10% AP
Thunderlord's Decree: 10 times your level + 30% bonus AD + 10% AP
Total: That's about... 200-250+ flat damage right there. That's already nice. Then you have 110% total AD + 75% base AD + 30% bonus AD. You have AD from your runes and your base AD, which actually adds to a nice amount. THEN we have 110% AP ratio on top of that. That is a BUNCH of damage... and you can do it every 40 seconds. Two of those puppies and you're ready to charge in with E and hit them with the W Q, drop ignite if you need to for a kill. It bursts like a balloon hitting a metal ceiling fan.
Furthermore, this component builds into
[*] GLP
[*] Protobelt
[*] Revolver
Let's look at those items, yeah?

Man, I liked this item a bunch more when it first game out. It's since gotten nerfed some, and it's still valid but not as much as it was before. Here are the benefits.
[*] Decent AP at 80
[*] 300 health which helps if you didn't get Rylai's (and if you did, you now have 700 bonus health congrats)
[*] and 400 mana if you didn't get Morello's, but for this pair you shouldn't get both
[*] General sustain for health and mana. Taking damage returns a portion of mana to you
[*] Expending mana restores a portion of health to you. It's been nerfed from what it was, but it's still there
[*] Active. It slows in a cone in front of you. Combine with Rylai's and you're a soft CC oppressor

Honestly, my least favorite item of the three for Ezreal. Here are the pros, though.
[*] 10% CDR if you didn't quite get to 45% with other items
[*] 300 health and 60 mana, which are both alright I suppose
The actual reason you'd ever want to build this item is, of course,
[*] the active. 75-150 damage +35% AP on first bolt. 20% of that damage for consecutive bolts.
Now, generally you don't want to be dashing into people as Ezreal. The stats are MEH for his burst, but they're alright. The active though can be hilarious, as you can E onto someone, WQ them immediately after, and then when you're so close you just use this active. If you're ahead, it'll decimate them. IMO there are better items, but you can have some fun with this one. It's a dash on top of your two blinks, so that's fun itself.
Also... it's cheap! After getting revolver (a 1000g item), it's only another 1500 gold or so. The other component is the health item that gives 10% CDR, so that's cool.

My favorite of the trio for Ezreal. Can be built 3rd item or later... but I suggest later. It grants 15% of ALL damage back to you, so you don't have to worry about spellvamp or lifesteal at all.
[*] sustain with Q W E R or autos or actives
[*] 80 AP which is pretty nice like Lich Bane
[*] 40 AD, helps with all your AD ratios that you've seen throughout this AP build. It happens, and because of it that 40 AD can be useful. Especially for waveclear as your autos and Q do more.
[*] The active, probably my favorite as it's the most reliable damage dealer. An instantaneous longish range 250 + 30% AP bolt that also has a 40% slow for 2 seconds. Lets you catch up to someone just out of your W range. E-ing, Qing which they'll probably sidestep, into this active while they're in range are nice because then you can walk up and toss a W out (which will also slow them if you build Rylai's)

Void Staff
Ah, Void Staff. The mage's version of Last Whisper... if Last Whisper were broken! This item is insane. 80 AP compared to a 100 AP item you could be getting sounds like a bummer, but 35% Mpen against ALL units is crazy. It makes all your abilities do more damage. It helps you annihilate squishies and deal damage to MR tanks. Combining this with the flat Mpen boots covers your bases as you have both flat AND percentage MR shredding. Those two paired with Abyssal Scepter.... you'll have less AP than optimal, but the enemies might as well be taking true damage. Not literally, but you know.

Now into more situational picks

Staple item against getting bursted. Perfect for AD assassins as it grants armor and the active. That's basically the point of this item, you don't get it for anything else. It does however have 70 AP and 10% CDR, which isn't the best but if you needed that active it's pretty good.

Same deal as Zhonya's, this is purely defensive. Don't get it for offense, there are better items. It does however have 60 AP which is meh, and 10% CDR which is aight... but it also reduces enemy MR in an aura around you by a flat 10-25, which is actually preeeeetty nice. Especially if you're going against squishies. If you're going against AP assassins, this would be core. Had a game against a Nid, a Kat, and an Akali on the same team. This item negates part of their burst, while making them more susceptible to your own. We won that game REALLY quick.

Or if you're super fed, whatever.
[*] 20 flat AP, but can add up to an additional 125 AP
[*] Above 15 stacks, you also get 10% CDR which makes people unable to get away from you if they get caught out
Beware of
[*] dying. Needless to say, but especially now. Don't get cocky and push your advantage past the limits, as you'll be losing 50 AP at the least. You could also lose your 10% MS if you weren't at full stacks. Die again and that's another 50 AP gone, and your MS is definitely gone now.
[*] Getting focused. Hard. People will 4 man gank you, just so you lose 50 AP. Then they'll do it again.

Nashor's Tooth
Now, this is the item I like to say is for bad AP Ezreal players. AP Ezreal does not rely on auto attacks at all. It has good AP and good CDR, but the item is DPS focused rather than burst focused.
I only suggest getting this item if your team for some reason has no pushing power. Like, if you get a tank top laner and jungler, and your ADC is always off missing their last hits on cannon minions when he's supposed to be grouping. In all honesty... it's an alright item. I just don't suggest it.

Tear -> Archangel's -> Seraph's
This is an interesting item. You thought tear was for AD Ezreal going blue build, right? Think again; it can be well applied in the midlane. It's a big pro and con list though!
[*] Getting a tear in the first place is setting your build back by 750 gold, when you need to be building damage to trade against your laner and help your team
[*] First back buying this means you're not getting Lich Bane... yet. Q damage is way down.
[*] Tear into Seraph's is a very expensive build path. Not the item itself, but the other items you have to build to make it worth while in the first place.
[*] This is a scaling build. As mentioned, you'll be weak early... and in the middle of the game. This in itself could make your enemy laner snowball not only by forcing you off CS, but by them roaming and getting unchallenged kills.
[*] It's a super strong build that makes you basically useless until late game. But if it's looking like a fail from the start, you might as well try it.
[*] Easily obtain over 1000 AP, and with your insane AP ratios... you'll be doing entirely too much damage. That's 1000 damage on a single W which could hit multiple people. You could one shot basically anyone BUT a full tank with a rotation or two.

The above tear build wants you getting both mana AND AP, so the best items for it are Seraph's Embrace, RoA, Morello's, GLP, Rabadon's, Lich Bane. Boots instead of Lich Bane. Lich bane is 10% cdr though, so without it you're at 30% instead of 40. Blue Buff can fix that though.

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Pros / Cons

-Insane burst
-Decent mobility
-Ult ganks
-Incredibly fun
-5 man ult damage
-All skillshots

-All skillshots
-CSing requires lots of setup for undertower, and last hit timing with Ez's floaty AA
-No waveclear other than Ult
-Gets pushed in easy and out roamed as a result of the above

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There are three forms of farming we'll go over.

1) Mid-Late Game
Here, you don't really need to care about mana consumption or ulting to clear a wave. You'll have mana back later if you somehow spent a ton of your huge pool. If you use ult to clear a wave though, you do need to hit a lot of Qs to get it back up immediately even if you have 45% cdr. I personally like heading into the jungle late game after ulting to get tons of Qs off. When you're with your team, don't even bother trying to farm. They have more waveclear than you, most likely.

2) Early Under Turret
If you're under turret, chances are you're getting pushed in. A lot. It's not uncommon for Ezreal, so you have to learn how to deal with this. For caster minions, you need to auto them each once and then again after a single turret shot. Any more or any less damage will screw you over. For melee minions, it depends on your AD. Test both out before committing to one. Sometimes you have to auto a melee minion once before a turret shot, and then once more after 2 turret shots. Sometimes, you only need the last AA after the 2 turret shots.
If you feel like you won't be able to get something, feel free to use Q. If it's an emergency or you will back soon, go ahead and use E too.
If you find yourself pushed in often, you might wanna max Q second instead of E to get as many creeps as you can.

3) In lane CS-ing
Simply put, use your autos to last hit. Focus Q on poking the enemy champion, but don't be afraid to use Q to CS if you think you would otherwise lose it. Beware of mana, you don't want to be Q-ing minions "just because".

Special Case: During any phase if you happened to buy the core item, Luden's, you can E a wave to clear most of it and q / autoattack the rest.

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Lane Trading

Against Melees
These are super easy to lane against. I love going against Dianas, Kats, and Zeds because early on they can do nothing but take your poke. When they go to CS or are hiding behind a minion wave, W them. When they are hanging far from the wave, go to the side of the wave to cast Q at that angle to hit them and further Zone

Against Equal or Lesser Range Mages
In these matchups, we take a "counter stance". When one of your minions are low, stand by it and wait for the enemy to go up and auto it. Once they start to auto they're either going to take your W poke, or cancel their auto to dodge it. This results in either poking them, which is good, or denying them CS... which is also very good.

Against Higher Range Mages
These.... are a pain. Your W isn't that long range, so you'll find it hard to trade against Lux's, Vel'Koz's, Ziggs, etc. Since W is out of the question for the most part, Q will be your main source of poke. For many of these matchups you want to stay away from your minion wave so they can't hurt you AND CS at the same time. Instead stand to the side of the wave, moving in only to CS. Make sure to poke with Q, and land any Ws you can.

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Team Work

Landing a 5 man AP Ezreal ult is a game changer, generally, but doing so is quite hard unless your enemies are braindead. It can help to have... Well, an Orianna ult, but that won't be happening since you're mid. Good synergizing champions are those who can get people to huddle together, and those who can jump on huddled together groups.
Malphite: Him going in for ult is your queue to then also ult, to hit everyone he does.
Yasuo: If he gets a Q, it's a nice bit of CC that means if you're quick and close you can hit them with ult. If Yas ults, it's even longer for you to ult and get that nice damage. Probably even secure him those kills and get hypercarried.
Amumu: Q stun into Ult will lock down an entire team if done well... which means its time to ult

Landing ult from afar
This is easier to do when the laner you're ult-ganking has some CC, but if they're good they can pressure their enemy into your ult's path. It's also very helpful if you're in a call with these people and can tell them what's happening. If that's not the case, in SoloQ i've found it best to say in chat that you're ulting their way, and then ping where the ult will be on their screen. Consecutive blue pings to form a line helps the best.

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Ganking other lanes

Ult Ganks
Just stay aware of the map and shoot ult when you see someone is low and still, or low and going to be somewhere soon. Popular back locations are in bushes of lanes, behind towers an inch on your screen, and in some wild places once they start realizing if they recall in an obvious place they'll get ulted. Be hasty though, as recalls are only 8 seconds long and your ult takes some time to travel.

Roam Ganks
These are more prevalent in matchups where you're not getting pushed in as hard, winning lane, or otherwise have an advantage. By mid game, you should be able to 100-0 any squishy. This makes botlane a very good place to roam, as there's the squishy ADC and possibly a squishy support. Did someone say, "Double Kill"? W should seriously shred ADCs. They have basically no health and no resistances aside from runes. Kill them with a WEQ. W once more if needed.

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Tips and Tricks

If you've looked into Ezreal at all, you've heard a few of these tips/tricks already. Some are more obvious than others, so read all.

You can check bushes with Q. Landing it makes that distinctive sound, and the skillshot stops short. Your passive is also proc'd, and you can see this on your HUD. Because your passive is proc though, any spell would work. Including W. This is especially helpful for wide bushes like Tri and trying to check bushes at odd angles, like approaching red side blue buff from the river.

Your E homes in on the closest unit, no matter what. Even if they're invisible. You can use this to finish off a Evelynn, Rengar, Twitch, or Kha'zix who went invisible, or just to watch the skill's bolt hit them so you know where they are for a second.

If you ever find yourself out of mana and without flash at dragon pit but you need to escape due to the enemy team deciding to fight, sometimes you can just walk to the wall of the pit and your enemies will assume you can flash or E over and not go after you. Back once you're out of vision, or E over once mana comes back.

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Rylai's Crystal Scepter

I just wanted to talk about this item a little bit. I love it, a lot. It has a LOT of good stuff for Ezreal. It has the AP stats to be up there with any other offensive item, but it gets pushed aside because its passive doesn't do damage like Luden's would.

This item grants you
-more burst via 100 AP stats
-a small amount of tankiness via HP, which is good for how squishy Ez is
-the slow. this ******** slow!

Now, of course the main reason you're getting this is for the slow. It's a really good slow. Now, on Ezreal you typically build Lichbane, right? But most people think its just to give Q a bigger AP ratio. No, it's a on-hit effect after spell cast. All you have to do is auto attack after you use W E or R and the spellblade damage will happen. That insane auto damage. And this slow? It lets you W someone, and then auto them. Normally they can just back off or do whatever they wanted, but in lane if you can W + auto with lich bane, its a ton of damage. Even if you miss W, if you're close enough you can auto for Lich damage.

The slow also works on your ult for its full course. If you ever see someone getting away, ult. The slow will let your team be able to get the kill. It also makes ult ganks more useful.

I think its also a really good item for beginners of AP Ez, because hitting skillshots is super important on him. If you E in, they're slowed. You can now reliably have time to auto attack for LB proc, W them while they're still slowed, auto attack after W refreshes the slow, and W. It's a huge amount of damage that's near unavoidable if E hit them.

It's one of my favorite items on AP Ez, even if it lacks some of the offensive burst Luden's would grant you.