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Fear the Fish!! Fizz Guide

Last updated on December 2, 2012
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Hey everyone this is my first build so bear with me. We all know that fizz is that pesky little blue dude with a really big fish friend. Fizz is the ultimate counter to basically any mid lane champ and he deals massive damage if built right.

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Pros / Cons


* Burst
* Easy to chase escaping enemies
* Dodges and escapes :D ( Karthus)
* Strong early game and late game (if properly fed)
* Crazy snowballing
* Damage over-time!
* Amphibian! (Well, sort of) *Actually, according to Riot, he is "an ancient water-dwelling species." Huh.


* Squishy (comparable to Annie)
* Need early farm and sustainable gold mid-game
* Hard to be involved in team fights if Chum the Waters is on cool down
* Heavily item-dependent
* Difficult to master
* Hard to give your teammates kills :c (you will become ridiculously fed and your team won't be able to do anything)

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AP glyphs are a neccessity

Attack speed marks- some people may disagree, but in my experiences, a fizz with around 1.2 attack speed is amazing. Especially with his W, you can do massive damage in a very short amount of time

Armor seals just to give you that extra bit of gank survival-ability

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Skill Sequence

Get your Q first so you can hold off those early game attacks from your mid oponent with a quick burst of damage and range close

Then your W so you can get your cs easier and to pop on in combination with your Q to get that quick first kill.

Then Q again for even more initiate damage

so on and so forth, but prioritize your q and w in early game. However, if you start getting ganked, get your e for that extra escapability

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The two main items that people may not agree with in my build are Hextech Gunblade and Berserkers greaves. Both may seem more odd for a Fizz, but as I said, the attack speed can really make a difference late game and early game.

Now onto the Hextech Gunblade. Added to the extra attack speed, some extra AD is almost necessary. The spell vamp and life steal are just an added extra.