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Fiddle ... Drain it till death

Last updated on November 20, 2010
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Sry guys, my eng is not that good^^ So I spare you with it :P

Anyway there is not much to say about that build. U HAVE to grap mid and... drain drain drain drain.

Fear -> Drain -> Back -> Fear -> Drain ...^^

Just try to get ur kill mid and help on the lanes. After 2 kills u should be "fed" enough to dominate the game.

After u reached lvl 6 u start to gank.
Ult --> Fear (just the one who will die anyways) and drain the one who has more HP. Should be enough to get u the dbl kill.

So try to bring u in a good postion and ult them gg =) maybe u need some time not to die in an instant but u will c. this fiddle will carry u team home =)

have fun ^_^