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TheFresko Last updated on November 17, 2016
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Threats to Fizz with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Gangplank Gangplank has been played a LOT recently due to his recent rework. From what I've found, this has been the easiest matchup I've had so far. It's also the one I've played the most. Pretty much everyone runs CritPlank, which yes, may run a couple of tank items, but not before building 2-3 damage items first. You're kit is better, and you SHOULD end up tankier before he does. There shouldn't be a point in the game where you lose out to him without misplaying. Since his Barrels are a new addition to his kit, lower Elo players still aren't using them effectively. The best way is to keep a couple in bushes, and toss one out in range of one of those, and use them to blow it up before it gets to 1hp. All the GP's I've ran up against have tossing them out wherever. Easily telegraphed. Even if used correctly, there's a delay between the two, and there's enough time to E to dodge. Early game barrels don't do a ton of damage either. Later on, yeah, they hurt a ton due to their high armor pen. If GP wants to upgrade his ult, he will have to farm more with Q. That leaves less harass overall. Every Q he pokes you with instead of shooting a minion puts his that much further behind in upgrades. Watch for him auto attacking minions to CS, burning his passive, without it he can't even try to break even in a trade. You're more bursty with your damage, and should be able to win every trade. Gangplank's Remove Scurvy does not remove your ult, so you can toss it at him at any time you want. Use correctly, and without jungle intervention or Flash, this should almost always result in a kill. You should also have Ignite, which will neuter his heal. Remove Scurvy get's expensive for him to try and sustain himself in lane if he uses it consistently. I can't tell you enough to watch for his passive. It does a large chunk of damage. You SHOULD be able to out trade it since it has a cooldown, but it's easy enough to play around.
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I'm xFresko, lowly Silver (Lowest Silver 3 until this season, bad placements of I think 2-8 put me in Bronze, where I only played like 10 more ranked this season. I guess we'll never know where I can get to) player on the NA server. I'm not posting this so much as to serve as a guide, but as documentation that I can change and review during my use of the champion as I accrue more games and experience. I learn more when I sit down and write out what I've learned. It makes me dig deeper, and I'll pull things I wouldn't have otherwise noticed.

If you're reading this, take the information as the Elo it's from. I play against mostly Mid Silver to Mid Gold players. I have some Low Bronze friends that I often play with (Which I guess I am now), who pair me down with players as low as Mid Bronze.

Matchups I come across may be incorrect at higher Elo's due to mechanical/skill difference in players, or that I play far more normals than I do ranked (I actually play more ARAM than anything), and my lane opponents could be trying something new, not knowing exactly how to play the champ well.

With all of that being said, I'll be updating matchups, and possibly changing sections as I play more AD Fizz. I may learn more about specific matchups and either improve on them, or play better players and realize certain matchups are actually a higher difficulty than I first believed.

I'm always open to advice. I'm still learning, and any help to accelerate my knowledge of him will be more than accepted. Though I do like to debate to see things from other angles, so I will definitely question any points brought up.

This is my first post on here, so I'm not used to the coding. I wanted to get the information down first. I'd like to add pics later on, and link skills and items for mouse over effects.

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Defining AD Fizz

AD Fizz is pretty much the adopted term for Bruiser Top Lane Fizz. It's honestly more of an On-Hit, tanky Top Laner.

Iceborn Gauntlet/ Trinity Force is a major factor in this, and yes, their procs are Physical Damage. Blade of the Ruined King has seen nerfs, but it has a buff on the PBE that will bring it back to nearly a core item if it goes through.

You generally only build 1-2 damage items, and go straight into full tank, so take the moniker of AD Fizz with a grain of salt. It's basically the name that has been given to Bruiser Fizz. Please play around with all sorts of items, AD, AP, tanky, you will have a ton of fun. Few items are bad on Fizz.

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Season 7 Preseason

Blade of the Ruined King was a major part of the build I used in Season 5 on Fizz. Then thew nerfed it into oblivion by raising the cost AND lowering the on hit damage. We're currently on 6.22, and the PBE has the on hit damage reverted back to 8%! Back when it was nerfed, I expected the cost increase, and would have been perfectly fine with it. Something needed to happen to it, but not this. Hopefully the PBE change sticks so it's playable again. The attack speed increase on Trinity Force will make him an auto attacking nightmare after you Q in and proc the Trinity Force damage.

Trinity Force was nerfed/buffed for Fizz at the start of Season 6. It added CDR, which he really liked, but it lost the AP, and gained extra crit, which he doesn't really care for too much. The buff to Iceborn Gauntlet put it was out ahead as the best option. Trinity Force was recently changed again, in a way that top Fizz would prefer. Gaining more CDR, and replacing the crit with a lot more attack speed is pretty big for Fizz, especially now that Blade of the Ruined King seems like it's having it's damage reverted back.

These two items are a really big deal on Fizz. I still haven't played him top yet recently, but I think these changes, along with his kit changes, makes him a very viable option again. You can also go the old build route, which was Trinity Force into Frozen Heart if the opposing laner isn't based on magic damage. Now the two items give you 40% cdr, so you can use defensive boots over cooldown boots, and you can drop the cdr Glyphs.

With the recent assassin updates, Fizz's kit had an overhaul. It looks like it's a buff to top lane Fizz in general. There were multiple cooldown reductions and mana cost reductions across most skills. A lot of base damage was raised in return for AP ratio nerfs. Obviously base damage increase is huge since Top Fizz doesn't care about AP.

I'm not 100% on the W changes, though. It's the biggest change in the kit. The %hp damage was removed from it, as was the on-hit damage. It's now a flat damage rend, with a one shot on hit. But I feel like it should allow for far better trades in a melee vs melee matchup. One of the biggest pros for it is that it's an auto attack reset. If you make use of the triple damage on the active, then most trades should be in your favor. Though Fervor not proccing stacks on abilities anymore is a nerf to Fizz, since you could build stacks REALLY fast with his bleed. It also used to be on hit damage, and for a lot more. Now it's just bonus AD. Works out well for those who's skills scale off of it, but Fizz's Q already procced the on hit damage, so less damage from the AD is a nerf. Not to mention being attack speed and auto attack based. Less overall damage makes attack speed worth less, too.

In theory, you can Q in, then E to help let the bleed build to 2 seconds for the W triple damage. Drop on them, auto attack, then use W for it's auto attack reset. In that time you have hit them with all of your skills, while barely giving them any window to trade back. If you're running Fervor, it will be mostly stacked by this point, so you'll continue winning the trade. Add in the potential damage from the new masteries that add damage to your first hit, and you should theoretically wreck most trades. Still needs to be tested, but it sounds good!

Or you could just trade like old Fizz. Q in, then just keep auto attacking. Once you can get triple damage from the W, pop it, then E out since you've blown the majority of your damage.

So I think trades where you can get off the triple damage W will be well in your favor, but no more super favorable Q in, auto, E out trades that leave a nice %hp bleed. With the Fervor nerf, It might be worth taking Thunderlords to bring this trade value back. All you really need to do is Q them and you'll get Thunderlords with the bleed that's left on them. Then you can judge if you want to stay in for the W damage.

There's a lot to think about. Lot's of theorycrafting. Fervor used to be unanimously better than any other keystone, but with it's nerf, Thunderlords and Grasp are starting to look mighty appealing.

My information here is a bit more generic than the guide for last season as I play far less Fizz than I used to. So I've tried less variations. The matchups are all from season 5, so the strategy should be decent, but with different items being built, the damage spikes are different.

Try some stuff out for yourself!

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Matchups are really old

The matchups Ive written in are mainly from Season 5. I would guess that they probably haven't changed too much. But with new items, and possible nerfs/buffs to other champs, don't think that these are fresh and perfect.

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Pros / Cons

Why should you play Fizz?

- Can dive harder and faster than most champions
- Hard to lock down due to a highly mobile kit
- Ability to dodge skillshots
- On hit based damage
- Snowballs very quickly. One kill not only gains Fizz some kill gold, but will give you a gap in CS. Fizz scales very very well with both gold AND levels, and it can be really hard to come back from.

- While you may get tanky, you don't have any sort of major tank skills in your kit. Sure your passive reduces some damage on auto attacks, but 14 late game damage against an ADC isn't nearly as useful in tanking as Maokai's ult, Mundo's Ult, Renekton's Ult, Nasus' Ult, etc. Large bonus health pools or damage reduction. A lot of them also have built in sustain, which Fizz also does not have.
- Lack of good, hard CC. Your E slows, and your Ult knocks up, but your ult has to land on someone, and you can't if it hits more than the one person.
- Weaker early game. A lot of top laners tend to have a fairly strong early game. You can harass through attrition, but you are trading Flask counters for it. One bad trade and you can be put behind. Thankfully it only takes a Sheen or so to help put yourself over over the hump.
- My opinion is that Teleport/ Ignite is the best Summoner Spell setup on Fizz. The lack of Flash, even with his slippery kit, does makes you easier to dive.

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There are a lot of choices to make in each slot. Fizz's Mid to Late game are far better than his early game, so Scaling Seals and Glyphs are optimal to push that advantage harder.

Attack Speed - Probably the most clear cut of all of the runes. Fizz's DoT on Seastone Trident will rarely get it's full duration as it takes 3 seconds, and you want to be attacking them as much as possible. Attack speed gets more hits off, and resets the DoT to at least trigger the first damage of the DoT each time you hit. Attack Speed also helps early level CS'ing as base Attack Speed is terrible, and you can miss minions if multiple are getting low at the same time. BoRK is also a major item on Fizz, and Attack Speed is great with that.

Attack Damage - You're an AD, Attack Damage is never bad. You will harass harder, and last hitting is easier when you have more AD.

Hybrid Penetration - I used to love these on Fizz. They really allowed for great early trades. The lethality change really hurts it, though. Lethality is not nearly as good as flat armor penetration was. So I think just going AD or attack speed is the best way to go. If you've decided to take Thunderlord's as your keystone, I could understand stacking Hybrid Pen runes with the Hybrid Pen mastery. Not completely sure about this anymore.

Attack Speed - You could swap it up and go with Attack Speed Reds and Attack Damage Quints if you want a bit more AS in place of some AD.

Attack Damage - The standard when it comes to Marks. Helps with harass as Urchin Strike scales off of it, not to mention that you harass with a lot of auto attacks. Also helps with last hitting. Definitely the best early game choice. Not bad late game, but Penetration scales so well.

Hybrid Penetration - Read description for Hybrid Penetration Quint.

Armor - Scaling HP used to be my Seals of choice. I'm not so sure now. I don't get early armor anymore, so the HP is worth less. I think both are probably just as viable. Armor is probably better in matchups against a strong early/mid game AD Top Laner. Something like a Renekton or a Riven. Champioons that will pump out strong damage early. HP is great against low damage, high scaling champs. Nasus comes to mind, as do most late game tanks like Mundo. They can do some damage early on, but it's nothing like a Renekton. You should always have at least a couple rune pages ready for different situations, and Id def have at least a page with Armor Seals, and a page with HP Seals.

Flat/Scaling HP - These used to be my go to Seals, but that was when you rushed Iceborn Gauntlet first, which gave you a chunk of armor to use the hp with. Now you have to wait until after you've finished Trinity Force to start building mitigation stats. I'm still on the fence, so I'll probably keep using these in the majority of situations. I may reach and use armor vs a few more matchups than I used to.

Scaling/Flat Magic Resist - Scaling should be your choice in most cases, flat against a bully AP, again, like Kennen.

Scaling/Flat Cooldown - Any combination. You would have to run your build around it. I used to run a 3/6 split when my build only got me to 30% cdr. If you run Trinity Force and Frozen Heart, you'll be capped. So make sure you have a build somewhat planned out.

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Ferocity - Fervor of Battle has been nerfed and is mediocre at best on Fizz now. The Ferocity tree is FULL of free damage, but Im just not sure if it's worth it now. It should almost definitely be your 12pt tree now, though.

Cunning - Thunderlord's seems a little more appealing now, and it's not just because of the Fervor nerf. Fizz procs Thunderlord's with just an auto attack, since the bleed will do the rest of the work. Though I do think Grasp will probably still be a better choice.

Resolve - Grasp of the Undying is the obvious choice here. Grasp allows you to trade more efficiently with it's sustain. You can still get a lot of the bonus damage from the Ferocity tree, while the Resolve tree has some fantastic utility. Now that you can build defensive boots instead of cdr boots, you can stack the Tenacity from Mercury Treads with the 15% from the Swiftness mastery.

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Skill Sequence

The skill sequence I have posted on here isn't a definite. Seastone Trident should be maxed first in most cases, but the others are dependent on how/what you are doing. Leveling Urchin Strike or Playful / Trickster reduces the cooldown on both.

Level Urchin Strike if you are looking to be more offensive as you get more damage with a shorter cooldown.

Leveling Playful / Trickster allows you to dodge/escape more frequently. It can allow for faster wave clear too. It's generally your level 1 skill in the mid, but you have less need for it in the top lane. I'd probably start with this against something like Lulu/Lissandra. Potentially maxing it vs them for the cooldown, too.

In a lot of cases I'll level them back and forth Seastone Trident isn't an option, so that I'm lowering the cooldown of both at nearly the same time.

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Summoner Spells

Summoner spells are always an important choice to make, and Fizz's choices are far more wide open than most champs.

Teleport - I pretty much look at this as standard on most top laners. AD Fizz want's to make plays when possible. Pretty hard to roam to bot lane from top in a timely manner without Teleport. Since you do solid damage, using Teleport behind bot lane should earn the team a kill in most cases.

Flash - The standard on most other champions. Fizz has two gap closers, so he can stay extremely safe without it. Still good on him, but you CAN be more offensive.

Ignite - Tends to be the second Summoner Spell of choice on Fizz. Allows for a much higher kill potential as it gives you more damage and cuts their healing. This is my main choice along with Teleport.

Smite - Not as popular now that Enchantment: Cinderhulk isn't as OP anymore, but still viable none the less. Enchantment: Cinderhulk is still great, and Skirmisher's Sabre is amazing in a 1v1. You will probably split push a lot as Fizz, which makes Skirmisher's Sabre a major bonus when dueling. It makes it nearly impossible to 1v1 you. Split pushing also allows you to steal some of their jungle camps, and you can add more pressure to jungle objectives. While a lot of the strength has left running Smite in the top lane, I think it's actually still viable on Fizz. Fizz Top in season 5 built a non-tank item to start his build. Cinderhulk would give you hp. I don't know. If I start playing him more, I may try it. With all of the tanks being played, the true damage from Skirmisher's Sabre could be relevant in 1v1's in the split push.

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The only Trinket I even look at is the Ward. Obviously everyone starts the game with it. The big thing is the latest update to it, giving it a second charge. Being a split pusher, lighting up multiple points in their jungle is a huge boost to your safety.

I honestly can't see the reason to get a sweeper on Fizz. If I have the lead in lane, I'll buy a Pink Ward for the river bush. This allows you to use your Trinket Ward more aggressively (When in lane, I'll put it in their TriBush when I have a Pink down). If they go to ward, follow them. Even if they get it down, they will get out fast if they know you are stronger. Kill their ward. I've noticed in lower elo that players really want to kill the Pink themselves. I've had plenty spend resources to shove the lane, thinking they can use that advantage to kill your Pink Ward. I'll follow them down, ult them, and often kill them if they don't run to TriBush immediately, giving up on the ward.

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Offensive Items

Most games I'll build Trinity Force, a tank item, them potentially another damage item.

Trinity Force - Recently changed again to have 20cdr and more attack speed. Both of these are stats that Fizz loves. I'm back in the mindset that this is the first item rush Fizz should be going for every game. Iceborn Gauntlet doesn't have the burst that Trinity Force has, though it does have armor and a slow. As possibly Fizz' only offensive item, I think I'd prefer the far burstier choice.

Blade of the Ruined King - This was a core item in season 5. It was nerfed before season 6 started, but how has it's on hit damage reverted! This went from core item to not used, back to possibly a core item. Definitely much higher on the damage item list now.

Iceborn Gauntlet - Was a Major Core Item up until the recent Trinity Force. Sheen items have always been a major part of Fizz builds. Trinity Force is just better now in most ways. If the opposing team somehow drafted all AD, I could see an arguement for this.

Maw of Malmortius - Maw is another really strong Anti-AP item. I look at this as a better choice than Wit's End if their Magic Damage looks to focus you asap. Wit's End can allow for more Magic Resist than Maw of Malmortius, but it takes 5 hits to get to 55 Magic Resist. More often than not you will be around 40-45 Magic Resist after an Urchin Strike and 1-2 auto attacks when the burst will target you. The Shield that Maw of Malmortius gives is a far better way to defend a large Magic Damage burst.

Wit's End - A very good item on Fizz against a Magic Damage heavy team. The stealing of Magic Resist is better on Fizz than others who can build Wit's End due to his mixed damage. Not only will it make you tankier against AP's, but it boosts your own Magic Damage. The Attack Speed allows for more attacks, which means more resetting of his DoT. If their magic damage isn't super bursty, this is probably a better choice than Maw due to the on hit and attack speed.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter - The slow is relevant with his dot. 400hp is great for a tank, too. 100ap will allow you to do quite a bit more damage. I rarely stray to this item. I tend to keep it fairly standard.

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Defensive Items

Frozen Heart - This was a core item for me on Fizz in Season 5. I think I'm ready to start using it again. I used to build Trinity Force into Frozen Heart for the mana pool and cdr. Now these two items cap your cdr, and should give you a large enough mana pool that mana shouldn't matter anymore.

Sunfire Cape - After buffs the past season, this has become relevant again. It's really good for wave clear, and with the potential for extended trades, this could definitely stay relevant. Maybe third item after you cap your cdr?

Banshee's Veil - About as close as you can get to being a Core Item. Most teams have at least one major source of magic damage, so you need a source of Magic Resist. The Passive on it is great on Fizz as he can dodge a lot skills already. This allows you to be even harder to lock down. This can be replaced with another item if their magic damage is lower. Replacing it with something like Randuin's Omen/ Dead Man's Plate or a damage item if you are snowballing. Your cdr should already be capped, which is another pro for this over Spirit Visage.

Spirit Visage - You can run this if you choose not to run Frozen Heart, else you will just waste the 10% cdr.

Randuin's Omen - Not a bad choice as you don't have a hard time diving, so you can AoE slow when you get deep. High HP and Armor are also really nice. Really good against a high damage comp with mainly physical damage, but also does solid magic damage. Both high Armor and HP are needed for that.

Thornmail - You will probably only build this against an all AD comp. With an all AD comp (Or maybe a comp where the magic damage is low, like a mid Lulu), you get another 100 Armor, and you reflect some damage back. Can replace the Banshee's Veil slot when opposing Magic Damage is severely low.

Dead Man's Plate - Gaining movement speed on an already super mobile champion makes him harder to kill, or lets him get to his targets faster. If that wasn't enough, it also deals damage. It gains stacks like Luden's Echo and Statikk Shiv, which is how you gain movement speed. The more stacks, the more speed, up to 60. But On-Hit you discharge the stacks for damage, and a slow when used with a melee, like Fizz. The damage isn't much, 1 damage per 2 stacks, doubled if it was stacked to 100. So 100 damage. Not super impressive, but on someone looking to delete a squishy asap, it's definitely welcome. The slow is pretty big too. Yeah, you can go Randuin's Omen for this, but I do like the mix of having a slow and some damage. Look at how much physical damage their team has, and how much crit they may build. If they only have 1 crit champion, I will probably build this. If they have more, I'll likely build Randuin's Omen.

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Early Game

Fizz's early game is far easier in the top lane than in the mid lane. Most mid laners are ranged and have fairly strong ranged harass. Even with that, Fizz is still a legitimate mid lane pick. Fizz tends to lose a lot of farm in the mid lane, and still becomes a formidable threat. In the top lane you are on equal grounds with most champions. Most that you will face are melee too, and a lot you can bully. Some have ranged harass, but you can dodge a lot of it with Playful / Trickster.

Most games I will start Corrupting Potion. If you are against a major physical damage bully, you can always start Cloth Armor and 4 Health Potions. You can go straight into Sunfire Cape after building a Sheen for the mana.

You can trade favorably against other melee champs due to both your Passive and Your Seastone Trident. Your passive reduces creep damage, so if you are both being attack by creeps, you should come out ahead in that area. Then there's the fact that your Seastone Trident's active deals bonus damage, and Seastone Trident's passive leaves a DoT.

You can auto attack then Urchin Strike them for a quick burst of damage. Against lower damage champions you can keep auto attacking them if you have at least equal creeps. You can Playful / Trickster out if they try to retaliate, or to reset minion aggro. Dipping into a bush will do the same.

It can be a mana sink to do that, but you have Corrupting Potion. While you can trade favorably, Fizz's early game is all about attrition. Thankfully you scale VERY well early on. Picking up a Sheen as soon as possible really pushes the trades further in your favor.

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Mid Game

Once you finish Trinity Force and Frozen Heart you can start diving the backline carries really hard in fights. Unless you are against a heavy tank like Sion or Dr. Mundo, you will probably have a large amount of kill potential when you have your Ult and Ignite up. You have to poke frequently and pick your fights well, and the most important part is to know how much damage you can do.

Teleportting to bot lane if they start scrapping should allow for an easy kill if you can land your ult. If it hits, even if they Flash, the slow, knock up, and Fizz's ability to close distances quickly should allow for a kill. You would only Teleport bot if a fight was happening, where your bot lane should have at least done some damage, so you shouldn't have a problem finishing at least one off.

Fizz snowballs pretty hard in the mid game if you start getting kills. Even building tank gear lets him snowball hard as it allows you to dive harder with less fear. Iceborn Gauntlet also gives you the mana you keep to keep casting spells, and the CDR to pummel them with Urchin Strike's and reactivate your Seastone Trident more frequently.

Roaming and split pushing should be your priority here, and well, pretty much the rest of the game. You duel well since you have a consistent damage output, and get really tanky.

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Late Game

You should still be split pushing when your Teleport is up. If you've snowballed hard, I'd probably keep split pushing anyways. You usually want TP in case they force a 4v5 fight, but if you've snowballed hard you can probably push turrets much faster, meaning a 4v5 could be in your favor if you're able to push an Inhibitor Turret, or maybe even and Inhibitor.

As Fizz, your team fight is also really strong, especially in the late game where you are really hard to burn down with not only your tank gear, but the Banshee's Veil Passive, and Playful / Trickster to dodge some skills. You can close very large gaps extremely fast, and landing an ult on a squishy carry in the late game spells almost certain doom for them. You'd be surprised how fast you can delete someone with just a Trinity Force and a Blade of the Ruined King.

Flanks in fights tend to be your best friend in a team fight. The main reason that your ult attaches to the first Champion it hits, coming at them from an angle compared to your team can help you reach an open path to a priority target.

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November 16th, 2016 - Blade of the Ruined King has been buffed on the PBE, and Fizz's assassin update has increased his base damages and lowered some cooldowns, making Top Fizz possibly relevant again.

June 9th, 2016 - Trinity Force changes have me looking back to nearly season 5 builds of Fizz. Changed my items and builds for it accordingly. I also added a possible higher hp build for Fizz that I may mess around with.

May 16th, 2016 - Finally made changes for season 6. I haven't played a ton of Fizz, so the choices are a bit generic.

March 14th, 2016 - I've only played Top Fizz here and there between a lot of ADC play. He's received a lot of unintended nerfs via item changes. More explanation in the Season 6 section.

December 9th - No testing with all of the new masteries yet. AD Fizz took a bit of a dip back with the ult changes, but I think some of the new item changes are a small buff for him. Specifically Trinity Force gaining cooldown. Boots, Trinity Force, and Frozen Heart cap cdr. While Frozen Heart and boots used to cap you, getting CDR on Sheen is pretty huge in my opinion. The increase in Crit on it makes for a better early all in.

August 4th - Played VS a couple Riven's. Added to Matchups. Cleaned up the sections a bit, added color, and added item links.

August 13th - Added Wukong and Mordekaiser matchups.

Sept 1st - Looking at the 5.17 patch notes. AD Fizz took a hit. This is definitely a hit to his damage, but I think his damage was already obscenely high for being able to build mainly tank gear. I shouldn't be able to still feel like an assassin against a squishy with mainly tank gear on. AP Ratios slightly raised (Non factor with AP only from TriForce). W base damages have been lowered, which lowers your auto attack harass. Wasn't lowered a ton, so it probably won't change much, if anything, in your lane harass. The big hit is the 20% damage buff from the ultimate now only buffs magic damage. No more 20% buff on TriForce proc, auto attack damage, and BoRK active. Fizz is still super playable, they just decided that he should still be able to super assassinate people with only 1-2 damage items late game. It sucks, but he's still playable. This may raise the playability of Rylai's, and possibly Nashor's (Origen Soaz used Nashor's Tooth this weekend in the Regional Gauntlet).