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Fiora Top lane OP

Last updated on March 14, 2012
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Chapter 1


I dont want to tell you a long story about Fiora so i make a short tutorial.

A short break for the first item. If u got something like GangPLank top whos full AD go Cloth Armor first and 5x Healpots.

So u play a bit defensive and farm til lvl 4. If the enemy attack you activate your W and attack him with E. If you are lvl 4 u can easy harras him. Just jump to him with Q activate W give him some hits with E and jump back to creeps or jump to him again and lend some more hits on him. At lvl 6 you dominate your lane. Set your wriggles into the river to be warned for their ganks. Sometimes the problem is when you jump to an enemy and activate your E hey could stun you or run away. So if u can wait in bushes till hes directly infront of you. Then activate E and W wait till he jump away or if his stun is over and then use Q on him.

It's my first tutorial so if u wanna critize me be essentially

Good luck and have fun!

Ultimate l FAIL