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Fizz In My Pants- Experimental Fizz Guide

Last updated on November 15, 2011
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Skill Sequence

Fizz's passive, nimble feet, is extremely good. It acts as a free ghost, ignoring unit collision. This is very good for running through minions to chase or to escape.

Fizz is very strong early game, due to Seastone Trident. This skill is basically a free ignite and a passive steroid, and is extremely strong as soon as you get it. The extra damage over time, along with the additional damage and healing debuff when activated, is amazing for killing pretty much anyone 1v1 when used along with your other skills.

Piercing strike is an amazing gap close, actually going BEHIND your target and activating on hit effects. It scales off AP quite decently, and is quite strong.

Playful/Trickster is one of his most unique and powerful moves. It makes you untargetable for half a second, then smashes the ground and deals good aoe damage. However, you can choose to activate it again to jump off to another location and deal damage, although with a smaller aoe. This deals lots of damage late game and can be used for many things. This acts as a gap closer, a slow, a blink, and an aoe attack. Because you become untargetable, you can use it to avoid a potentially deadly ult, then hop away or attack your assailant.

Chum the Waters is a strong ultimate with quite a low cooldown for the amount of power it packs. It scales off a 1:1 ratio with ap and deals lots of aoe damage. You through a fish that either clings to a champion or falls on the ground, waiting to cling to something. After a short delay, a FREAKING HUGE SHARK bursts out of the ground, dealing good damage in a pretty big area. This is extremely powerful in teamfights.

Fizz is an good tower diver if used correctly. Pierce in, use the fish, turn on steroids, and finish them with playful/trickster or escape from the tower. Playful/trickster is amazing to escape from the tower; in a way, Fizz is almost as good of a tower diver as Kassadin or Akali.