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League of Legends Build Guide Author Morzanoth

Fizz Jungle in a Nutshell (7.12)

Morzanoth Last updated on June 27, 2017
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Hypomania | March 20, 2017 8:16am

I am not sure if this is suitable for a low level but I tried it on a level 12 account with no runes and then jungle rekt me pretty hard. At level 1 with the help of 3 other players I lost 70% hp at blue and then couldn't kill the wolves. From level 1-10 I had to recall after every 2 jungle camps, not even talking about ganks. Do runes make a big difference?
Morzanoth (1) | March 20, 2017 12:21pm
Hey Hypomania

Thank you for your comment and I am happy you gave it a go ^^

I seriously would not recommend using Fizz in the jungle at low account levels mainly because the runes do in fact make a noticeable difference when clearing. Fizz is a rather off-meta jungle champ mainly because his early clear is a bit weak. The recommended Runes aim to give you the best possible clear early on, but in fact play little part once you have an item or two.

You shouldn't be struggling to clear after level 5 to be honest since your E has enough damage and a low enough cooldown to chunk camp health effectively at that point. My suggestion is to actually follow what Luxeøn said and explore kiting a bit. Another tip would be to clear the smaller monsters first and then kill the big one. They have about the same damage but a lower health meaning you kill them a bit faster and in turn take less damage over all. An example would be the wolf camp. You can E the camp to burst the camp a bit, then auto attack the small wolf and then use your W to kill it. The aim is the reduce the number of monsters attacking you at the same time as fast as possible. I am able to do Raptor camp after my red buff on first clear (I'm normally level 3 at this point) using this method while remaining relatively high on hp (A combination of kiting and this target selection tip).

If you are new to jungling then I suggest picking a different champion to learn how to clear the jungle since Fizz isn't a standard jungler. Please do feel free to ask if you have any more questions. Thank you again for your comment and I do hope this has helped you a bit more.

Hypomania | March 20, 2017 5:29pm
Hey Morzanoth,

Thank you for the suggestions. I have mained Fizz all the way from unranked to diamond in season 2, so I know his mechanics very well. I have never tried jungling him, especially in such low levels. I haven't played league for 4 years so just wanted to make sure I am not forgetting anything. I am pretty sure now I am way too low to jungle a meta jungler, will give it a try again at higher levels. Didn't think about kiting the monsters tho, I will give that a try, thank you :)
LuxTheGreyWarden (28) | March 20, 2017 10:28am
Hey man, I'm sure Morzanoth will have a great answer for you, but I just want to let you know that sometimes it's not the runes (I do believe they play a factor, though-especially armor runes), it's kiting the enemy jungle camps. This is an older video, but here. is the link! You can also kite in the sense of walking away when your spells are on cooldown (not too far or the jungle camp will respawn).

For example: You can auto the camp, and then start to walk away and wait for the blue light above his head to be full before using your W! The idea of this is to not sit there and be attacked by the camp one or two times before you use your spells! It will save you some damage. Your W active will also do some pretty good damage! Finally, remember your W gets a 1 second cooldown refresh if you use your W active to kill it, it'll refresh and give you the mana cost back :D
I'm sure there's other great videos you can look up for how to jungle more effectively (even without runes). I know pros can do like the whole side of their jungle without backing because they know mostly all of the techniques.
Good luck and I hope this helped!

jhoijhoi (1940) | March 17, 2017 4:58am
Hi Morzanoth,

I enjoyed reading about your ideas about Fizz's ult. It's a clever way of thinking about how to utilise his ult in ways other than to, you know, deal a huge amount of damage and disable.

I was hoping to read more about Playful / Trickster and tips and tricks how to use it.

Keep up the good work so far :)
- jhoi
Morzanoth (1) | March 17, 2017 6:05am
Hi jhoijhoi

Thank you for the feedback, I am happy you enjoyed the guide. I am still adding things to this guide to make it as comprehensive as possible and to provide readers with a better understanding of one of my favorite champions.

I am currently drafting a few more sections which will hopefully provide you with the information you seek. Also just to clarify, the different Ult uses are things I've had to consider when ganking lanes. Since Fizz lacks a reliable form of crowd control, I've had to come up with some ways of forcing opponents into situations that are favorable for my own team. The increase in size over range is actually one of the best things that happened for jungle Fizz since you can block off a large part of a lane and force the enemy to flash or fight. Trying to land every ult is probably the most reliable form of damage but since you are fighting with people you can safely rely on your team to make up the damage you lost from your ult, just make sure ping them before hand :)

Thank you for your comment once again ^^

LuxTheGreyWarden (28) | March 15, 2017 1:59pm
Hey man, I'm liking the idea of Fizz jungle, I'll have to try it out!!

Just a couple things. For BBC code, make sure you're putting GREATER in front of your runes because it makes them tier 3 runes. Ex: Greater Glyph of Magic Resist.

Second, put icon=savagery mastery size=whatever size you want. It should show up like this: Savagery , rather than Savagery. The other savagery is Rengar's ability :P

Lastly, why do you level E? I'm in no way shape or form a Fizz player, so maybe you could explain something to me I don't haha
I just would think W would be better to max for the jungle because it chunks the jungle creeps health and it also restores mana/puts the cooldown on 1 second if the active kills it!

Thanks for this guide, I'll try Fizz jungle and see how effective it can be! +1

Morzanoth (1) | March 15, 2017 2:56pm
Thanks for the advice and the correction(didn't notice it), appreciate it. The main reason you max e first is actually for the lower cooldown you get from leveling it.

The main reason I say Fizz is so tilting to play against is because his E allows you to avoid a lot with it's brief invulnerability. From my experience, maxing w is nice since it's actually a lot of burst damage but I think the lower cooldown on E is more useful. Early on your W with the increased damage does roughly the same damage as your E, just your E is AOE. Once you have your full jungle item you won't have any issues clearing the jungle and mana shouldn't really be an issue(Just take that blue buff, it's more useful on you anyway :P).

Lastly, I will add in a more detailed explanation of jungle pathing, ganking and clearing camps in the near future. It should explain a bit more on why you level your abilities in that specific order and help you understand Fizz damage to minions and using your W effectively to clear camps.

Thank you for your comment and I hope you have fun playing Fizz in the Jungle :)
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