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Galio tanky as F*ck

Last updated on October 30, 2012
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The way i play galio as tank

This is my first build so be nice. In the masteries i took bladed armor so its easier to heal yourself from minion waves when you put your w on. His w isnt very strong at all it deals little damage and the movement buff isnt all that great so i dont pick it up till way late. Try to stay in the lane till level 6 then go buy your chalice. I got the aegis because it stacks with his w so you have the power to make anyone on your team really tanky. i know this build needs more detail/tips but i doubt many people will look at this but if i get good feedback ill put alot more in. Galio is a very complex champion and writing down all my tips/tricks and when to do what would take forever.