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Gangplank Pentakill Challnjour Strats (6.2)

Last updated on February 9, 2016
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Hello, my name is Bryan Lie Jamius, I am a Challenjour in SEA Server. My IGN is Basic Attack. Juice is also my friend who made the ezreal hybrid guide. He is a scrub. Compared to him, I am a better and not garbage player. Now let's get into the items. For items I take Trinity Force, Statik Shiv, CDR Boots, Rabadon and Mejai. People would say "wtf is this guide, stupid build". Well, they are the stupid here. We take Trinity Force for stats like bonus ad/ap/att.s and so on. Statik Shiv for uhhh Pikachu extra damage for your Q and crit. CDR boots so you can heal faster than Soraka. Why I pick Rabadon and Mejai you say? WELL CUZ YOUR HEAL IS AP IDIOT.

For laning phase, just focus on your lane and don't look at mid and bottom, be the ******* like my previous match. Where all the enemies were pushing mid and I was busy farming at top.

Basically just ult. That's it.

Thank you for reading my challenjour stats guide. Peace yolo oni chi chi for life <3


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